Mafalda Capone : Facts About Al Capone's Sister

Mafalda Capone was the sister of Al Capone. Mafalda Capone’s brother, Al Capone was an American gangster and businessman, who became famous for notorious activities during the Prohibition Era as one of the overall boss and one of the founders of a crime syndicate called Chicago Outfit.

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Mafalda Capone was also known as the wife of John Maritote, who was a laborer and a relative of a gangster called Frank Maritote. Their marriage was a gangster kind of marriage.

Mafalda Capone : Bio Summary

Full NameMafalda Capone
Famous asSister of Al Capone
Age76 years old at the time of death
Date of BirthJanuary 28, 1912
Place of Birth  New York, United States of America
Zodiac signAquarius
Children Delores Maritote
HusbandJohn Maritote

Mafalda Capone Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Mafalda Capone Maritote was born January 28, 1912 in New York, United States of America. She died March 25, 1988 at age 76 in Oscoda, Iosco County in Michigan, United States of America. Her nationality was American and her ethnicity was white. Her zodiac sign was Aquarius.

She was the daughter of Gabriel Capone and Theresa Raiola Capone. At the time of Mafalda’s birth, her father was 46 and her mother was 44. Her father was an Italian immigrant to the United States. Her father was a barber and her mother was a seamstress. Gabriel Capone, Mafalda Capone’s father, immigrated to the United States with a ship and settled first in 95 Navy Street, Brooklyn- New York.

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She was also a sister eight siblings of her parents, including well-known American gangster, Al Capone. The rest of her siblings are Richard James Hart, Ralph James Capone, Salvatore Capone, Erminio Capone, Erminio John Capone, Umberto Capone and Matthew Nicholas Capone.

Mafalda Capone Maritote grew up with her parents and siblings together in New York City. She did not reveal any information concerning her childhood and educational background, but her brother Al Capone is known to have attended a parochial Catholic school in New York.

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There is also no information on what career path, the sister of a well-known gangster choose.

Mafalda Capone and John Maritote marriage

Mafalda Capone and John Maritote got married December 14, 1930. The marriage between the two lovers attract the attention of both the media and the security agencies. The media wanted to know why John Maritote, who was a relative of a gang rival of Al Capone was getting married to his sister. They taught the married was a way the two gangsters were using to reconcile.

Mafalda Capone : Facts About  Al Capone's Sister
Mafalda and John Mariotote

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Some people were also unhappy about the marriage because they taught the two lovers do not know each other well, since they were getting married after a short time of being together.

The security agencies thought Al Capone, was going to be at the occasion with his gangs for them to make some arrests. They sent detectives to the ceremony to monitor how things will go, and also to see if the renowned gangster will show up.

According to an article on, the dowry for Mafalda was $50000 and a house

Mafalda Capone Wedding

The wedding took place at St Mary’s Church in Cicero. It started at exactly 2pm, while the arrival of the bridegroom with his six best men. Later the bride, Mafalda Capone appeared with her own set of bridesmaid.

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Mafalda wore sleeveless ivory satin gown draped over her body and fitted at the knees. John wore white satin suit with a white top hat.

Al Capone did not show up at the occasion due to reason known him and his sister. The wedding went on peacefully without any disturbance from the police or any gang. After the wedding a reception was held at Ralph Capone’s Cotton Club. Ralph was one of Mafalda’s brothers.


Mafalda Capone and John Maritote were married from December 15, 1930 till the death of the latter in March 1988. The cause of her death remains undisclosed. The couple had a daughter together called Dolores Maritote, who was born 1932 and is 86 years now.

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Mafalda Capone Husband

John J. Maritote was the husband of Al Capone sister, Mafalda. According to sources he was a laborer at a bank. He was also know to be a relative of a gang boss. His claim to fame was his marriage to Al Capone’s sister in a marriage which many thought was a gang marriage.

He was born September 23, 1908 and he died at age 99 in June 1997.

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