Shannon Wiseley : Everything You Need To Know About Her

Shannon Wiseley death shook the whole adult video industry if not the whole Hollywood as the circumstances surrounding her death showed that her death could have been avoided. Shannon Michelle Wiseley, better known by the world by her stage name Savannah or Silver Cane, was a pornographic actress who stared in over 100 films during her career. Shannon Wiseley was the most celebrated star in the adult video industry.

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Who is Shannon Wiseley

Shannon was born on October 9, 1970 in Laguna Beach, California to Mike Wisely and her mother,
whose name was not mentioned. Her parents got divorced in 1972 when she was only 2 years old. After their divorce, she moved to Texas with her mom where she grew up and then stayed for a little while with her dad in Oxnard. She then went to live with her grandmother in Mission Viejo. When she lived with her grandmother, she attended high school and was a cheerleader during her school days.

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After deciding on a career in Hollywood as an actress, Shannon Wiseley returned to California, her hometown and drifted to adult entertainment also known as pornography, thinking she could rise to real legitimate acting from there. Sometime later during her career, she got two breast enlargements. With her pretty face, long blonde hair and breast enlargements, she caught the attention of many who tried to sign her including Vivid Vide in Van Nuys who signed her for a contract in a four-part “On Trial” series. In 1992, Shannon was given an award and was named the industry’s “Best New Scarlett”.

How did Shannon Wiseley die?

Although it looked like she enjoyed her lifestyle, her close friends and family and her manager Nancy
Pera, who was like a second mother to her, knew very well that Shannon who was not only depressed, struggled with alcohol and drug misuse. Her dad stated that she was involved in heroin. Shannon was also in serious debt at the time of her death and was so concerned about her safety that she slept with a gun beneath her pillow.

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According to adult video news, her financial issues only seemed to increase as she became more and
more popular, rising in the industry, quite contradictory if you ask me but it seemed even her six-
figure salary couldn’t cater for the lavish lifestyle she was living. When her father, Mike Wisely was
asked if he thinks his daughter’s problems were related to the work she did, he said “Of course.

People ask me if pornography is wrong, I say you can judge a tree by it fruits.” Clearly, Mr. Wisely did
not approve of his daughter’s choice of profession, but one can only do so much. It was for this
reason, that they restricted the number of porn colleagues of Shannon Wiseley in attendance at her funeral.
Shannon said to her manager Nancy Pera, that she was assaulted as a child and that she didn’t have
a good childhood, but that she had plans to make things better for herself by working in the
entertainment industry.

When her father was asked if he knew about this, he told the media that Shannon Wiseley never told him
about her being assaulted. He only knew that she started dating rockstar Greg Allman while she was
still in high school, dating him for a couple of years.

Her dream was to become a real Hollywood actress, not a porn star. Along with her professional
success can the need to desire to isolate herself and she began to separate herself from individuals
in the adult industry who could have been her friends and could have been of great help, not
speaking with them unless it was for work. Her manager said it was because she had trust issues. As
a result of her isolation, when Shannon’s got into more trouble and debt, she felt as if she had no
one to turn to.

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On Monday 11 th July, 1994, after a long night of partying at around 2 a.m., Shannon Wiseley, who was
23 at the time, crashed her Corvette into a picket fence after she was seen in a limousine with a young man who was house-sitting for the band house of pain. She scarred her face and broke her nose. She went home, upset about the tragedy, and requested a friend to walk her dog.

Shannon Wiseley then contacted her manager, complaining and asking Nancy to come and take her to the hospital to treat to her injuries. Nancy said she did not rush to get to Shannon since she was used to the
drunken, after party late night calls. Finally alone, Shannon shot herself in the head. Her manager found her body in her garage, but she died at St. Joseph’s Hospital hours later. Shannon had been booked for a nude dancing engagement at a club called Lace for a huge sum of money that Monday and it seemed the injury on her face would have prevented that performance.

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She wouldn’t have been able to work again till the wounds healed and that seemed to be the last straw for her and since she couldn’t take it anymore, she shot herself. “Shannon Wiseley was not satisfied with her life as a whole, everything in her life,” a Los Angeles Police Detective said after judging her death a suicide. “I believe her entire existence contributed to her suicide.”

This was the third major suicide in the adult video industry. A decade before the incident, Shauna
Grant shot herself and Megan Leigh shot herself in her mouth after gifting her mother a five
hundred-thousand-dollar dream house.

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