Alice Radley : Facts About Jim Cornette's podcast host

Alice Radley is a personality who has caused quite a stir on the internet when she was actively involved on Jim Cornette‘s podcast. In this article you will find out all you need to know about this previous internet sensation.

Alice has nothing about herself on the internet. None of her family relations or even schools she attended have been recorded. After an issue that ensued between Jim Cornette and herself, she vanished into thin air after already declaring that she was  done with the internet and anything public. This decision made by Alice was quite understandable to most of her fans who knew what personal space meant to the mental heath of a person. Most are still hoping she resurfaces while others are still searching on her.

Who is Alice Radley?

Alice was a producer and host on the Jim Cornette Experience. The Jim Cornette Experience is a program organized by Jim Cornette.
Jim Cornette or General Cornette as popularly known as has his original name is James Cornette. He is a retired professional wrestling manager ,an author, agent, commentator and a promoter. He was known to also wrestle from time to time. Jim Cornette has mostly had rough experiences with the media due to his very questionable and controversial comment passed concerning politics, religion and other ideologies.

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 He later on started to work as a photographer and also ring announcer. He also was a public relations correspondent at wrestling events right from when he was just about Fourteen years of age. He shot up unexpectedly to fame when he became the manager for Sherri Cartel in the 1980s. From that time onwards, he began tyo take up managing opportunities from other wrestlers , and amongst these wrestlers was the then famous trio who named themselves The Cornette Dynasty.

This was when Jim Cornette started to sign huge and major deals with major wrestling companies of their time. These companies included Mid – south Wrestling. Here, he wrestled in the iconic ‘The Last stampede’ match. This was also when he got his long standing trademark as the tennis racket.

On several occasions, when he was in the ring with others, he usually utilized his tennis racket to hit his clients’ opponents as often as he got the opportunity to do. A vivid example of this scenario was when he acquired the position as the manager for the two – time National Wrestling Alliance, which is the NWA, world tag team champions and two – time  National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) United States tag team champions.

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The attacks he usually landed on the opponents using the rackets , which made him and his opponents quite popular. However, some other fan and spectators were strongly against the tactic.

 In all this,Alice broke from the Jim Cornette experience due to some very disturbing comments Jim had made concerning Islam.

After the Paris series of attacks that had ensued, “The Jim Cornette Experience” producer, Alice Radley, finally decide to quit the program. Jim Cornette in a publicly made apology said that he went too far and “doubled down on his hatred of Muslims and Islam.”Even after this statement, he continued with what seemed to be very saddening statements. Alice Radley, the show’s co-host, was very much discontent about Cornette’s remarks.

“I wanted to thank everyone for understanding and supporting me a lot of you are some of the nicest folk i have ever METS I know some of you may not be FANs of me and at least you won’t have to hear me again, anyway i don’t think that Jim and I will be back together 4EVER.” -Alice Radley.( final statement by Alice Radley before leaving the eye of the public).

Alice Radley even before leaving social media was not seen to have had a lover. Though, since she has been away for quite some time, it would not be far-fetched to assume that she might have found her Mr. Right and maybe even married him already. She did not really seem like a person who would have wanted to start a family, but also maybe, she has finally settled down and put her life in order.

Alice Radley had never aired her net worth or even publicly displayed anything that was extraordinarily expensive. She seemed to to quite down to earth when it come to her expenditure and show of wealth, which seems to be quite a good thing.

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