Who is Martha Mae Salitan? : Facts About Erik Salitan's wife

Martha Mae Salitan is a reality television star and a celebrity wife, due to her marriage to Erik Salitan. Both Martha Mae Salitan and her husband, Erik Salitan are television personalities who became popular for their appearance on National Geography’s reality show, Life Below Zero. The show which has run for more than ten years mow, shows the everyday life struggles of the people living in Alaska.

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Bio Summary : Martha Mae Salitan

Full NameMartha Mae Salitan
famous asErik Salitan’s wife
Age37 years old
Date of BirthNovember 1985
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
ChildrenLucas Salitan

Who is Martha Mae Salitan?

Martha Mae Salitan is an American citizen, born on November 1985. She is 37 years old now. Her parents are both American citizens. She grew up in Iliamna, where the largest lake in Alaska, Lake Iliamna is located. As a child, Martha developed much love for fishing and hunting.

Martha has no records of her educational background available on the internet. She is known to be part of her family’s cooking business. She is said to be a good cook. She has been cooking since childhood.

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Martha Mae Salitan marriage to Erik Salitan

Martha Mae Salitan is married to Erik Salitan. The two of them appeared on the Life Below Zero reality television show. It is also known that, both of them left the show at the same time. So now, who is Erik Salitan?

Erik Salitan, just like his wife, Martha is also an American citizen. He was born in New York City on February 9, 184. Just a year older than his wife, Erik is 38 years old. He has not revealed any information with regards to who his parents are.

He attended Finger Lakes Community College. Since childhood, he has been very adventurous and this nature of his, made him leave New York to go live in Alaska. One of his favourite quotes is ”Too much comfort is detrimental to ones character”.

Erik is a graduate of University of Fairbanks. He graduated the school with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science.

Martha Mae Salitan and Erik Salitan met in Alaska. There is no information on how their first meeting was. They started dating shortly after they first met. They got married officially in 2010. Their wedding was a private one, in attendance were few friends and well-wishers of the couple.

Martha and her husband have one child. The child is called Lucas Salitan.

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Her time on Life Below Zero

The reality show, Life Below Zero made Martha Mae Salitan and her husband, Erik Salitan famous. The show, which was first aired on May 19, 2013. It showcased the lifestyle of people living in the ice-cold area of Alaska. It was produced by the BBC Studios and broadcasted on National Geographic.

Martha and Erik Salitan were a cast on the show from the first season. They appeared on the show with other characters like Sue Aikens, Andy Bassich, Ricko DeWilde, Jessie Holmes, etc. The show has 17 seasons till now.

Martha and her husband left the show in 2016. Reasons for their departure was not made public. It was around that same time the couple had their son, Lucas. It could be that they needed more time to cater for their child, who now schools in Alaska.

During the couple’s time on the show, Erik was an expert in hunting and gathering while Martha Mae Salitan showed great fishing skills. Their last appearance was in December 2016.

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Where is Martha Mae Salitan and her husband?

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The couple now run a lodge called Talarik Creek Lodge in Alaska. They host lodger for some and help them explore the nature and wildlife of Alaska.

Net Worth

According to Biographygist, Martha Mae Salitan has an estimated net worth of $400, 000. This is money she makes for her appearances in television reality shows. She is also known to the owner of Birch Hill Cemetery and Blanchard Family Funeral Home.

Her husband, Erik on the other hand is also estimated to have approximately the same amount as his net worth, $400000, according to GhBase.com.

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