Sylvia Ruzga : Facts About Joey Bishop's wife

Sylvia Ruzga is the lady who turned the heads of many when she managed to secure, the American talk show host. She did not seem to make much news or stir up any controversies while she remained married to Joey Bishop. In this article, you will discover who this lady was to the best of what has been disclosed to the press and internet.

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Who was Sylvia Ruzga? Wikipedia

Sylvia Ruzga was born in 1918. She was not recorded to have any siblings neither has much about her background been revealed, owing to the private life she lived even after popularity. Her husband. Joseph Bishop, the youngest of five children who  were born in the Bronx, New York City. Joseph was  the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants Anna  Siegel and Jacob Gottlieb. His father, Jacob was a bicycle repairman. Bishop was raised in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sylvia Ruzga

Sylvia Ruzga’s career is unknown to the press. As for Bishop, he  started his career as part of a stand-up comedy act with his elder brother, Maury. He made an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on the 28th of May, 1950. He also appeared on The Dinah Shore Chevy Show on the 19th of April, 1957, and several different programs in the early days of television.

He hosted The Tonight Show substituting for Jack Paar, and then hosted The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson at least one hundred and seventy five times in the 1960s, and from the year 1971 all through to 1976( which was more than anyone until at the time, but years later, Jay Leno and Joan Rivers later surpassed his record). He also made several appearances on Steve Allen’s and Jack Paar’s versions of The Tonight Show. 

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Bishop took part in the situation comedy called The Joey Bishop Show that was launched on September 20, 1961, and continued for a hundred and twenty three episodes which was for more than four seasons.Sylvia Ruzga’s husband, Joseph Bishop acted as Joey Barnes, who was first a  publicity agent and then after some time became a talk show host. This was when Abby Dalton later on came into the cast as the wife in 1962.

Joseph ‘’Joey” Bishop after some years, hosted a 90-minute late-night talk show, of which he named  The Joey Bishop Show, and this show was premiered by ABC on the !7th of April in the year, 1967. This show became a competition to the  Carson’s Tonight Show and was allowed to run until the 26th of December, 1969. His close associate was the then newcomer, Regis Philbin.

Sylvia Ruzga’s love life

Sylvia Ruzga had fallen deeply in love, and in 1941,she decided to finally say “I do” to the gentleman, Joseph Bishop and walk down the aisle with him by her side. They stayed in the marriage through all the tides and storms and sailed through for fifty-eight long years. Their marriage ended, as Sylvia’s life was suddenly claimed by the untimely sickness, lung cancer, way back in 1999. Together, they had one strong son called Larry Bishop, a film director and actor.Sylvia Ruzga’s body was cremated and scattered in the Pacific ocean.

Joseph Bishop also died at age 89 due to multiple organ failure on 17th October, in the year 2007. He died in  his own home on Lido Isle, which was  a man-made island in the harbor of Newport Beach, California, as the last surviving Rat Pack member. Per Bishop’s wishes, his remains were cremated and scattered in the Pacific Ocean near his home. He had two grandsons, Kirk and Scott.

The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia posthumously inducted Bishop into their Hall of Fame in 2009.

Sylvia Ruzga Net Worth

Sylvia Ruzga is said to have had ten million dollars as her net worth. This is not based on her career, but on the premise that that was her husband’s net worth so it is equally hers. The couple did not seem to have any sort of monetary issues, or even if they had any, was not brought to the ears of the public. After the two died, their net worth was obviously transferred to their son Larry. Larry seems to be making it big in terms of career and has kept the good legacy for his parents.

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