Who is Donato Calandriello?: Natalia Streignard's Husband

Who is Donato Antonio?

Donato Antonio Calandriello is a businessman and basketball player born July 1, 1975, in Caracas, Venezuela. Donato Calandriello is famous for being the husband of Spanish-born Venezuelan actress Natalia Streignard. Donato Antonio got married in 2008 and, from then till now, has produced three children: 5-year-old Jacques, 3-year-old Gia, and Gianni, one-year-old as of 2023.

Not much is known regarding Donato Calandriello’s personal life besides what is stated above. It is assumed the family, as a whole, prefers to keep their life private and away from the media spotlights for specific reasons.

Donato Calandriello is a businessman and basketball player

According to sources, Donato Calandriello is a businessman and basketball player. Regarding his basketball career, he was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in round 7 of the MLB June Amateur Draft of 1998.

Donato Calandriello attended the College of Charleston, a public university in South Carolina’s Charleston. It is the oldest university in South Carolina, the thirteenth oldest college or university nationwide, and the oldest municipal college in the nation. It was founded in 1770 and granted a charter in 1785. Regarding his career as a businessman, only a little information is known.

Donato Calandriello has three children with Natalia Streignard

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The basketballer and businessman have been happily married since 2007 to Natalie Streignard, with whom he has three children: Jacques, age 5; Gia, age 3; and Gianni, age 1. In 2011, Donato Calandriello welcomed his first child, Jacques, into the world. That caused him to make many changes. It felt like the miracle of truth to finally hold Jacques in his arms after so many years of being a sought-after and wanted kid.” Tiny Gia, his tiny princess, entered Jacques’s life three years after his birth. The businessman, who is 48 years old, gave birth to his third child, a boy, on January 9, 2017. 

Everything About Donato Calandriello’s Wife: Natalia Streignard

Donato Antonio is married to Natalia Streignard, a Venezuelan actress of Spanish descent, who was born on September 9, 1970. The most well-known telenovela productions on Televisa, Venevision, and Telemundo that Natalia is most known for are:

  • El Juramento (starring Osvaldo Rios).
  • La mujer de mi vida (starring Mario Cimarro’s ex-spouse).
  • Mi destino eres tu (starring Lucero and Jorge Salinas).
  • La Tormenta (starring Christian Meier).

Streignard met Cuban actor Mario Cimarro while working on the “La Mujer de mi vida” set in 1998, and they were married on June 10, 1999. Following their separation in 2006, Streignard and Cimarron filed for divorce. The final date of it was September 14, 2006. She first got to know the Italian billionaire Donato Calandriello in 2008. The couple wed on September 27, 2008. They are parents of three kids.

The year 2008 saw Andrea Robles Conde de Landeros make her feature film debut in “El Juramento.” She had several noteworthy TV appearances, including a one-episode run as Laura/Raquel in “Decisiones” (2005–2007). In 2005, she portrayed María Teresa Montilla in the lead role of “La Tormenta.”

With essential parts as Ariana Dupont Aristizábal de Contreras in the main cast of “Anita, no te rajes!” (2004), her career flourished even more. She portrayed Valentina Villanueva Lanz de Villanueva/Bella de la Rosa Montiel in the title character of “Mi Gorda Bella” from 2002 to 2003. She has previously played Deborah Gutiérrez in “Soledad” and Isabel Díaz Antoni in “La Niña de mis ojos” in 2001.

Andrea Robles Conde de Landeros made her acting debut in “Mi destino eres tú” in 2000 as Sofía Devesa Leyva. She performed as Barbarita Ruiz de Montesinos in 1998, landing a major part in “La mujer de mi vida.” Her varied roles also include Angelina in “Pedacito de Cielo” (1993), María Laura Andueza in the main cast of “Dulce enemiga” (1995), and Sol Romero in “Sol de Tentacion” (1996).

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