Gary Arendtz : Facts About Tané McClure's husband

Gary Arendtz is Tané McClure’s husband. Gary Arendtz’s wife, Tané McClure is a former American actress and singer, whose acting career was active from 1982 to 2008. She is still in her singing career currently, a career which started in 2008.

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Gary Arendtz’s wife, Tané McClure has been married twice and he is her second husband. They have been together since 2001 and currently still together as married couple.

In this article, we have all the facts you need to know about Gary and his marriage to the former actress, Tane. Keep reading to be informed!!

Gary Arendtz : Bio Summary

Full NameGary Arendtz
Famous asTané McClure husband
Age62 years old
Date of Birth1960
Place of Birth  United States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
Children Kayla Arendtz
WifeTané McClure

Gary Arendtz Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Gary Arendtz was born in 1960 in the United States of America, exact birthplace being Wisconsin. He is 62 years old in 2022, unlike his wife Tané McClure, who is 64 years old currently. His nationality is American, but currently lives in Luxemburg. His ethnicity is white.

Tané McClure’s husband, Gary has not made information with regards to his family and relatives known to the public. Details concerning his childhood and upbringing is unknown and there is no information regarding that on the internet.

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From Tané McClure’s book titled Rescue Heart, she described Gary as a handsome man with kind and gentle heart. The book also revealed that Gary is a surfer. The book, Rescue Heart, which was published in December 2021 talks about Tane’s love life and how she found hope in love again.

Gary seem like a very private person and has not revealed much about his personal life to the public. He lived a low profile life, until his marriage to Tane brought him to the limelight. This has made him one of the individuals whose marriage brought them fame.

Gary Arendtz and Tané McClure marriage

The circumstance under which the two love birds, Gary Arendtz and Tané McClure met, is unknown but we know they got married in July 2001 after dating for a while.

Gary and Tane got married fourteen years after the former had her divorce from her first husband. The ceremony was a small one, with in attendance family and friends of both couple.

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After getting married in 2001, they have been together for 21 years and still counting. Their long union has resulted in the birth of a daughter called Kayla Arendtz. Kayla was born three years before the couple got married. She was born 1998 and is 24 years old in 2022.

There is no information available on any previous relationship of Gary Arendtz before he got married to his wife, Tané McClure. Though he might have been in one or more relationship before, there is no information regarding that.

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Tané McClure on the other hand, had been married and divorced one before they got married. She had previously been married to Jonathan Leonard Friga, whose is professionally known as Jonathan Cain. Jonathan is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. The former lovers were together as husband and wife for only five years. They got married in 1979 and eventually divorced in 1984, with the reason for divorce never made public. The union did not produce any children.

Gary Arendtz and his wife, Tané McClure live together in the United States, with their dogs and talented daughter.

Gary Arendtz Wife

Tané McClure is the wife of Gary. Tane was born in California, to a very popular father, Doug McClure, who was an American actor with a career span of over 50 years.

Gary Arendtz : Facts About Tané McClure's husband
Tane on a movie set

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Tane, who is 64 years old now, started her career as an actress in 1982 and retired in 2008 to pursue another career in music. As an actress, she featured in movies like Zombie Death House, Target of Seduction, Operation Cobra, Sweetheart Murders, Customer of The Week, Bare Deception, Hot Under The Collar, and other many others.

Gary Arendtz wife as a musician, has an album and few singles. She has also recorded movie soundtracks and many others.

You can read more about her on

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