Jesus Jaime Obregon : Facts About Miroslava Sternova's Ex-husband

Jesus Jaime Obregon was a man who caused quite a stir in his day. He rose to a crazy height of fame due to his sensational display of subtlety; some thought the whole situation was quite hilarious, while others thought it was a display of how cruel a man could be.

He is also known to be the ex-husband of Miroslava Sternova. Both Jesus Jaime Obregon and Miroslava Sternova have been very good on the screens and had certainly set a pace that was and still is admired by many people throughout America and even different countries.

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In this article, you will be let in on who this man is, how he rose to fame and anything you would like to know about Jesus Jaime Obregon.

Who is Jesus Jaime Obregon?

Jesus Jaime Obregon is known to have come from a very good family. However, nothing was mentioned in terms if his early years of childhood. His parents were known to be very poised in bringing him up to be the good man every society wanted. Not much has been publicized about his parents since they were a very private family. 

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The Miroslava Sternova mentioned earlier, was the lady he married later on. She was given the name Miroslava Šternová Beková at birth. Miroslava was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. She later on relocated to Mexico as toddler with her mother and Jewish step-father, in 1941, seeking to escape war in their native country. 

Jesus Jaime Obregon was a struggling actor

Jesus’ was an upcoming actor, who was actually struggling very hard to make it. 

At that time, Miroslava had won a national beauty contest, and she had started to study acting. She labored wholeheartedly in films produced in Mexico, from 1946 to 1955. She also took part in acting some other movies like three Hollywood films around that same time. 

Jesus Jaime Obregon and Miroslava Stern’s marriage

In 1945, Jesus Jaime Obregon and Miroslava Stern walked down the aisle, and at that time, Miroslava thought Jesus Obregon was madly in love with her so she decided to go against her parents will, and chase after love. A year later, they had to part ways when she discovered that Jesus Obregon was actually with her just to hide the fact that he was a homosexual. 

Miroslava later on acted in  Ensayo de un crimen (The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz) way back in  1955(it was m directed by Luis Buñuel) . On 9th March in the same year, not long after the filming ended (the film was released in May), Miroslava committed suicide by overdosing on a number of  sleeping pills. Her body was found lying outstretched over her bed, she had a portrait of bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín in one hand.

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The  actress, Katy Jurado, who was a good friend of hers, said she was one of the first to find the body. From to Jurado, the picture that Miroslava had between her hands was of Mexican comedian Cantinflas, but the artistic manager Fanny Schatz swapped the photo for that of the Spanish bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín. Another source also  explains that her body was found by actress Ninón Sevilla. Miroslava’s friends stated her suicide was due to unrequited love for Dominguín, who had not long ago, tied the knot with an Italian actress, Lucia Bosè. 

Others claimed that her unrequited love was for Cantinflas. Even though there has been no evidence to support it, a rumor continues to spread that she died in a plane crash when traveling with Mexican businessman Jorge Pasquel, the day before her suicide. 

Jesus Jaime Obregon net worth

Jesus does not have his net worth publicized, but it was quite obvious that the man did not live in poverty, owing to his parents riches and even what he acquired as an actor.

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As for Miroslava Stern, she died way too early. However, from some sources, if she was still alive now, she would have made approximately one and a half million dollars already. She had so much talent and grace on the screen and it is undeniable that many would want her present in their movies. Right now, it is not really known whether or not Jesus Jaime Obregon is alive, because, there have been contrasting accounts from various sources as to this issue. 

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