Deborah Belinda Taylor : Facts About Lawrence Taylor Ex-Wife

Deborah Belinda Taylor is the ex-wife of Lawrence Taylor. Deborah Belinda’s ex-husband Lawrence Taylor is an American former professional football player, who spent all his football career playing for New York Giants. His career lasted for 13 years, from 1981 – 1993 and is regarded by most football authorities as one of he greatest defensive players to ever play the game. With his great contribution to college football, Lawrence is also considered as one of the greatest college football player ever.

Lawrence Taylor has been married thrice in his life and Deborah Belinda Taylor was his first wife. In this article, we have put together everything you need to know about Deborah. Read and be informed!!

Deborah Belinda Taylor Age, Birthplace, Wikipedia

Lawrence Taylor’s ex-wife, Deborah Belinda Taylor is an African-American woman born in Moulton, Texas in the United States of America. Information on her date of birth and age is unknown. She attended Moulton High School and then had her university education in the University of Texas in Houston.

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Aside being known as the ex-wife of Lawrence Taylor, Deborah Belinda Taylor is real estate manager and an author, who has books written on mapmaking and health promotion.

Other personal information like her parents, family and zodiac signs are unknown and we would update this article as soon as we find something.

How did Deborah Belinda Taylor and Lawrence Taylor meet?

You want to know how the two meet? Cool! There is no information available on how they meet, but we know they were together for 15 years. They first met in 1977 and were together till they finally got married in 1981.

They were together from 1981 till they finally divorced in 1996, after a beautiful union of 15 years. They had three children in their marriage. We have information on two of the couples children, Erin Taylor and Belinda Taylor.

The cause of their divorce is domestic violence, as alleged by Deborah.

Deborah Belinda Taylor filed for divorce and accused her husband, Lawrence of extreme cruelty against her. In the lawsuit, she demanded equitable division of the couple’s assets and debts. She also requests that her husband pay for the cost of the lawsuit, which is part of her settlement agreement.

During the time of their divorce, Deborah’s husband Lawrence Taylor was battling his drug addiction and was in and out of rehab, trying to put himself together.

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After the divorce, Deborah got married to Darryl Wright but much is not known about that marriage.

Lawrence Taylor on the other hand after the divorce, is known to have been married twice after. He got married to Maritza Cruz Taylor, a singer. This second marriage of his also ended in divorce in 2005, after Lawrence was accused of infidelity. He also got married to another woman called Lynette Taylor and this marriage also failed due to a domestic violence claim against Lynette.

Both Deborah and Lawrence now.

Deborah Belinda Taylor’s Ex-Husband

Lawrence Taylor is the ex-husband of Deborah Belinda Taylor. He was born in Williamsburg, Virginia, on February 4, 1959 and he is 63 years old. He was an excellent American football player, who won many awards and trophies for his New York Giants team.

His professional career was from 1981 -1993 and he spent them all playing entirely for New York Giants.

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Though a very talented player, Deborah’s ex-husband, Lawrence Taylor had a very controversial life, both during his career and after his career. He was using hard drugs at the time of his career and was admitted many times in the rehab to deal with his addiction problems. He was labeled at some point in his career as a low-risk sex offender, after patronizing and abusing a prostitute.

Lawrence ended his career as one of the greatest football players ever. Aside his known career as a football player, he has also played golf, acted in few movies and also written a book about his own life and career titled LT: Over The Edge.

He was an outside linebacker and wore the number 56 squad number.

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