Cindy Jessup : Facts About Matt Lattanzi's Ex-Wife

Cindy Jessup, a name that you already know is quite popular for marrying the father, Matt Lattanzi, of the cute girl she babysat, Chloe Lattanzi. According to many, “she stole the husband of her boss.” Quite interesting if you’d ask me. Let’s get into her story.

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Cindy Jessup was a physical Therapist and a cyclist in New Zealand. It seems cycling was one of the things she loved to do in her past time and she used it for charity.
Unfortunately, there is no available information of the early days of Cindy Jessup available.

How did Cindy Jessup and Matt Lattanzi meet?

In 1997, the then 28-year-old Cindy Jessup married Matt Lattanzi. Cindy was the baby-sitter
of Matt and Olivia Newton John’s daughter Chloe.

Lattanzi met Olivia Newton-John while filming the movie Xanadu, whom he married in 1984. Matt and Olivia had one daughter, Chloe Rose Lattanzi, who was born on January 17, 1986. Matt Lattanzi and Cindy Jessup, a New Zealand native who was a member of the local cycle club at the time and a sports science student, first met in Australia in October 1993 through his love for mountain cycling.

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Matt was married to Olivia Newton John at the time Cindy also had a boyfriend. They met again in 1994 through cycling where Cindy told Matt and Olivia of her plan to go bicycle ride across Australia for charity. The duo got to know each other and in 1994 Cindy had become close friends with both Matt and Olivia, babysitting their daughter Chloe on numerous occasions.

One year later, Matt and Olivia separated, although they remained friends. It was then that Matt fell in love with Cindy, who had also broken up with her then boyfriend. I guess they found solace in each other because of their shared pain.

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The marriage of Matt and Olivia officially collapsed when they got a divorce in 1996 giving Matt the opportunity to make things official with Cindy. Per the biography of Olivia, Matt and Cindy got married by 1999. The couple exchanged vows in a secret ceremony in Malibu where the only attendants were Olivia and Cindy. Matt and Cindy settled in Malibu so they could be close to Chloe.

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Matt told the media that Cindy had no hand in the collapse of his marriage with Olivia. “It looks bad, because Cindy would often babysit his daughter and she was a friend of his and Olivia’s, but in those days, there was no romance,” said a friend of theirs.

When Matt was interviewed, he revealed that Cindy had already become good friends with 13-year-old Chloe, his daughter with Olivia and it makes him very delighted. “I am so fortunate,” he said. “I couldn’t ask for a better outcome.”
As for Olivia, she stated that she isn’t angry at all, au contraire, she is happy that Matt is happy again, “In fact she’s delighted,” added the friend, though after the divorce she did not rush into any other romantic relationships.

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Matt met Olivia on the set of her 1980 movie “Xanadu,” and they both interacted normally, he also by her during her battle with breast cancer which turned out successful.
‘There will always be the warmest feelings between Olivia and me’, Matt stated during his interview.

Quite unfortunately, the marriage between Matt and Cindy didn’t last so long. After ten years, the couple also got divorced, in 2007. The reason for their divorce was not made public and it still remains unknown. They did not have any kinds.

Cindy Jessup’s Ex-Husband

Matt Vincent Lattanzi is the ex-husband of Cindy Jessup.

Matt Vincent Lattanzi is a 63-year-old American Actor popularly known as the first husband of singer and actress Dame Olivia Newton-John. Matt was born on 1st February, 1959 in Portland, Oregon, he is famous for his role in the movie titled “My Tutor” and the soap opera “Paradise Beach”. He had a successful career, which lasted from 1980 -1993. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

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Aside being know as an actor, he is also wide known as a dancer. His movie career was consisted of small movie parts, he rarely landed a major movie role.

Is Cindy Jessup married?

After her failed marriage with Matt, nothing has been heard about Cindy in the news. There are no details on whether she got into a new marriage or she stayed single.

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