Sam Alexis Wood, is the daughter of American professional golfer Tiger Wood. Sam Alexis’s father, Tiger Woods. is a World Golf Hall of Fame member, world number two in men’s major championships and has a lot of awards to his name. He is also regarded widely as one of the greatest athletes in the world with numerous records in the golfing world.

Sam Alexis Wood Bio

Sam Alexis Wood was born on the 18th of June 2007 (and she is 14 years old now) to her father Tiger Woods and mother Elin Nordegren, a Swedish born model(and ex wife of Tiger Woods). Sam Alexis Wood’s parent, Tiger Wood and Elin Nordegren got married in 2004 and divorced in 2010. Before their divorce in 2010, Tiger Wood admitted to multiple infidelities and even took time off professional golfing to settle his marital issues with Elin, but to no avail as they divorced eventually in 2010.

In an interview, her father, Tiger Woods, explained why he named her daughter ”Sam”. He said, “We wanted to have a name that would be meaningful to either side of the family, my side or Elin‘s side, because she was born [the day after] Father’s Day. It just happened to fit. My father had always called me Sam since the day I was born. He rarely ever called me Tiger…” 

Sam Alexis Wood, Tiger Woods daughter, was born in Colorado in the United States of America and hence is an American citizen. Her star sign is the Gemini. She has a brother called Charlie Axil Wood, who was also born to her parents, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. Though Sam Alexis and her brother Charlie follow their father to most of his tournaments, they are not golfers like him. They have developed love for playing sports. In an interview, Tiger Woods made this know, “No, not really. They’re keen into soccer; if they want to play golf, that’s great. If they don’t, that’s fine, too. As long as they have a good time playing sports.”

Sam Alexis Wood, Tiger Woods daughter, attends Benjamin High School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and would graduate in 2025. She plays for soccer for her school and wear jersey number 8. Her hobby is playing soccer.

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Sam Alexis Wood’s net worth is not known, but her fathers’ net worth is know and estimated to be around 800 million dollars, money he makes from tournaments and sponsorships.

Sam Woods’ Speech That Introduced Her Father To The Hall Of Fame

In March 2022, when Tiger Woods was being introduced as a member of World Golf Hall of Fame, his daughter, Sam Alexis Wood, gave a very inspiring speech to introduce her father. The speech went viral, with many people taking about it all over social media. Sam Wood, opened the speech by a story of how her father lost a game to Angel Cabrera in the 2007 US Open.

“My dad found himself in a position to make an 18-foot putt to force a U.S. Open playoff, which he missed by a foot,” Sam Woods, 14, laughed. “He then had to rush to the airport, fly from Pittsburgh to Orlando, and drive to the Winnie Palmer Hospital. Within five minutes of walking into the hospital room, still wearing his red golf shirt, on June 18, I was born. He may have lost that day, but he won the greatest gift of all.” she started.

Sam Alexis Wood continued by by talking about her father’s love for violin concerts and soccer games, where he mostly go when not playing golf. Sam also talked about her father’s resilience by stating instances where Tiger Woods has fought through all odds to become who he is today.

In the course of the speech, Sam Woods got everyone emotional by talking about her father’s accident in February 2021, an incident that prevent Tiger Woods from participating in the PGA Tour.

“We didn’t know if you’d come home with two legs or not. Now not only are you about to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but you’re standing here on your own two feet,” Sam Woods said. “This is why you deserve this, because you’re a fighter.”

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This awesome 17 minutes speech by 14 year old, Sam Alexis Woods, got everyone emotional including her father, Tiger Woods, who nearly cried.

The ceremony was to usher Tiger Woods into the prestigious World Golf Hall of Fame, for his great contribution towards the game and for his personal achievements in the game. He is worthy of the honour.

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