Tino Sargo : Facts About Janis Ian's Ex-husband

Tino Sargo is the ex-husband of Jani Ian. Tino’s ex-wife Janis Ian is an American songwriter who was very popular in the 1960s and 1970s commercially. She is well known for a song titled Society’s Baby( Baby I’ve Been Thinking), a very popular song written and recorded in 1966. She was the one who wrote and recorded At Seventeen, a 1975 Top Ten single and a 1975 Billboard number 1 song.

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Though it was in the media that Jani was married a lot of times on the internet, she came out to clear the air. In the article, she wrote about being married to Tino and how she divorced him in 1978. Tino Sargo’s ex-wife Janis Ian has been married twice in her lifetime and Tino was the first.

Where is he from? What does he do? Where did they meet? How many children did they have together? Read this article to know everything there is to know about songwriter Janis’ ex-husband, Tino Sargo.

Tino Sargo Wikipedia, Birthday, Age

Details concerning Tino Sargo date of birth and age is unknown, neither is there anything on the internet regarding his family. His full name is Tino Mendes Sargo. He is from Portugal and is a Portuguese nationality. He is a filmmaker at the time he met Janis, but since nothing has been heard about him since their divorce we cannot state what he does currently.

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Tino has been able to successfully keep most of his personal data away from the public eye, though he is popular for his marriage to Jani Ian.

Aside being popular as the ex-husband of Janis Ian, there is nothing too relevant about him on the internet.

How did Tino Sargo and Janis Ian meet?

Wondering how the two former lovers met? Tino and Janis met at a birthday party in 1977. We do n0t have any information on whose birthday, but we know that is where the two.

After the meeting at the party, Janis gave Toni her apartment to stay in while she was away on a trip. Months after Janis’ return from the trip, she got married to Toni in 1978. They went to stay in Los Angeles after their marriage.

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According to a writeup by Ian, she was not in any relationship before she got married to Tino. Since there is not enough information about Tino before he met his former wife, we can conclude on whether he had previous relationship before they got married.

They were married for 6 years, from 1977 to 1983. They eventually divorced in 1983. It was Janis who filed for divorce, accusing her ex-husband Toni Sargo of physical and emotional abuse. More details on their marriage and divorce is found in Janis’ autobiography.

Janis Ian and Tino Sargo marriage of 6 years did nit result in the birth of any child.

After the divorce, nothing has been heard of Tino. We do not have any information on whether he has gotten married again or not. Jani on the other hand, got married to her lesbian partner Patricia Snyder, with whom they have a stepdaughter and two grandchildren together.

Tino Sargo’s Ex-wife

janis ian

Jani Ian is Tino’s ex-wife. Janis who is a singer and a songwriter, was born in Farmingdale, New Jersey in the United States of America. She is the daughter of Victor Fink and Pearl Fink. She is an American nationality. She was born April 7, 1951 and is 71 years old now in 2022.

As a child she was raised on a farm in New Jersey, where she had her basic and high school education. After high school, she attended New York City High School of Music and Arts.

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Toni Sargo’s ex-wife, Jani started her singing and songwriting career with her first single, Society’s Child((Baby I’ve Been Thinking), a chart topping and award winning song.

In her entire career, she had numerous studio albums and some live recorded albums as well. She has been active since 1965 till present day, having won many awards and recognitions.

Aside her musical career, she is also into writing. Jani has written many non-fiction and fiction stories as well.

She has won two Grammys out of over ten nominations in eight different categories.

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