Heather Karaman : Facts About Geoffrey Zakarian First Wife
Heather Karaman and her ex-husband

Heather Karaman was the first wife of the famous chef and restauranteur Geoffrey Zakarian. She became famous after getting married to Geoffrey but as the marriage ended, so did her fame. She literally hid from the media her personal information and whereabouts.

She works as a psychotherapist.

Heather Karaman and Geoffrey Zakarian marriage

Although Heather’s current love life is information tis unknown, we know about her marriage to Geoffrey Zakarian which lasted approximately ten (10) years. A marriage that did not end well at all and although in the beginning there was love between them, Heather and Geoffrey’s in what a lot of people may describe as a disaster.

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The media was not given the reason for the divorce, and at this point we know we would not be given one but after the divorce, she more or less vanished, leaving no traces of herself or her current life. 

Geoffrey moved on with his life and married Margaret Anne Williams, a marketing executive. The duo exchanged vows in 2005 walking down the aisle at Niagara Falls, New York, USA. The matrimony was ordained by Reverend John F. Lauri. Geoffrey and Margret have been blessed with two daughters together named Anna and Madeline, and a sole son called George.

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Margret is known to be good at what she does and Margret’s firm own clubs like Lotus and Double Seven, a popular cocktail bar that is known to operate 24/7. There have been a few allegations that the famous chef is gay which sounds quite unrealistic since he is on his second marriage and has two kids but it cannot be ruled out because we are in the 21st century where everything is possible. These allegations were made mostly because Geoffrey was spotted attending a Gay Men’s Health Crisis named Savor.

Heather Karaman Wikipedia

Not surprisingly but still unfortunately, Heather Karaman has hidden from the world any information about her family and background. She is not seen nor heard and has nothing absolutely nothing written about family or her past. 

Heather Karaman’s ex-husband, Geoffrey Zakarian on the other hand was born on 25th July 1959 in Worcester, Massachusetts in the United States and is a citizen of America but not fully. He is the son of an Armenian-American man, the musician named George Zakarian, and a Polish-American mother, Viola Hekowicz. He is the brother of Virginia Zakarian and George Zakarian. 

Heather Karaman : Facts About Geoffrey Zakarian First Wife
Heather Karaman

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 He attended and graduated Burncoat High School in 1977, earned a degree in economics from Worcester State University, and then went to France. It was in France that he decided to be a chef, being influenced by the country. It is no surprise though; France tends to bring out the chef and glutton in a lot of individuals. 

Heather Karaman Ex-husband

With an associate degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York Heather Karaman’s ex-husband started his career in culinary working as an apprentice chef, under chef Daniel Boulud at Le Cirque, where he was named “Chef de Cuisine” from 1982 to 1987.

Currently, Geoffrey Zakarian is an American chef, restaurateur, television personality and author, yes an author too, because what is a chef with a few cookbooks in his name? For those who are not aware, the word restauranteur means a person who opens and runs a restaurant professionally.

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Geoffrey, Heather Karaman’s ex-husband is the executive chef of several amazing restaurants in New York City, Manhattan, Atlantic City and Miami, earning thirty-three thousand dollars a year. As a television personality, he has made an appearance on numerous television programs on the Food Network, including Chopped and The Next Iron Chef on which, in 2011, he won the right to join Iron Chef America.

Geoffrey opened and owned 2 restaurants named Town and country. Town was opened in the East of Midtown Manhattan in the Chambers Hotel in Spring 2001 but then closed down in 2009 due to unknown reasons. Country on the other hand is still opened and is situated in the Carlton Hotel near Madison Square Park and opened in 2005. The restaurant has earned a Michelin Star.

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In 1990, Heather Karaman’s ex-husband became the executive chef at 44, a restaurant described by The New York Times as “trendy” and “chic”, located at the Royalton Hotel in midtown Manhattan. He made a good name for himself there to the extent that a writer of the New York Times, William Grimes described him as “the reason that 44 in the Royalton Hotel was always a lot better than it needed to be” in 2001.

Geoffrey is now a consultant at the Water Club in Atlantic City and executive chef at the Lamb’s Club in New York City, amongst other places. His style of cooking is mostly described by the masses as “modern” with roots in French cuisine, but he describes it as, “dynamic American.” He is also Chairman of the City Harvest Food Council, a food rescue organization which’s sole aim is to help fight hunger in New York City.

He wrote the books Geoffrey Zakarian’s town and country which he released in the spring of 2006 and Life around the table. Books which obviously are a source of various amazing recipes. His first book was named “one of the best of 2006” by The New York Times columnist Amanda Hesser and it has about 150 recipes for family, friends.

His current net worth is of about seven billion dollars which he has earned from his culinary profession and his books.

Heather Karaman

In as much as he is loved for his cooking, Geoffrey has had a few legal issues. He was sued by his former employees in allegation that he engaged in violation of labor laws and they sued for back pay. Geoffrey counter-filed for personal bankruptcy in response and the allegations were denied by his publicist. The case was later settlement out of court. That was in the Spring of 2011. 

In 2015 too, to had a few issues with Donald Trump over a statement made by Donald .this was also settled out of court in April 2017.

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