Andrew Graham Stewart : Facts About Sarah Brightman Ex-husband

Andrew Graham Stewart is one of the ex-husbands of Sarah Brightman. Andrew Graham Stewart’s ex-wife Sarah Graham is a classical crossover soprano singer from the United Kingdom. She is known to be the first artist to be invited to perform the theme song twice at the Olympic Games, first at Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 and Beijing 2016.

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Andrew Graham Stewart’s ex-wife, Sarah Brightman has been married and divorced twice, and Andrew is the second. His claim to fame is his short-lived marriage to Sarah, making him one of the individuals who tasted fame due to their marriage.

In this article, we have put together all the facts you need to know about about Andrew Graham and his marriage to Sarah. Keep reading and enjoy all the thrill.

Andrew Graham Stewart Wikipedia

Andrew Graham Stewart is an English nationality, known to have managed the German electronic band, Tangerine Dream. Details concerning his personal life is quite difficult to come by, as he has opted to live a low profile life away from the public.

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There is no information available on his educational background, but he is known to have a career in tour managing and personal assistantship.

Andrew Graham Stewart and Sarah Brightman

The circumstance under which these two former lovers met is unknown, but we know they were married for 4 years. They first meet in 1978 and dated for a year before eventually getting married in 1979.

Their relationship was between 1978 and 1983. They got divorced in 1983, when Sarah Brightman met Andrew Lloyd Webber after performing in Cats. It seem like Sarah had a special admiration for men with the name Andrew. The reason for the divorce might be because she found a new love in Andrew.

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Andrew Graham Stewart and Sarah Brightman marriage did not produce any children.

After the divorce, nothing has been heard of Andrew. There is no information on whether he is married again or remains single. Search to find out his current location prove futile. This article will be updated if any information on his whereabout drops online.

Sarah Brightman on the other hand, went ahead to marry Andrew Webber in March 1984, after dating for a year. Before they got married, Andrew Webber also divorced his wife with whom he had two children. The relationship was very much monitored and talked about by the media. The two could not stand the pressure and got divorced after six years of marriage in 1990. The two ended their marriage on a friendly note and have remained friends till date.

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After Andrew Graham Stewart’s ex-wife divorced her second husband, Webber, she got married for the third time to Frank Peterson. This third marriage also collapsed after the former couple failed to have children after trying for ten years. Sarah, who said in an interview that, she would love to be a mother, was the cause of their inability to give birth.

Andrew Graham Stewart ex-wife

Andrew Graham Stewart : Facts About Sarah Brightman Ex-husband

Sarah Brightman, who was born August 14, 1960 is 62 years old in 2022. She is the daughter of a businessman called Grenville Geoffrey Brightman and a woman called Paula Brightman, née Hall.

She is a soprano singer who started her career as a member of a dance troupe called Hot Gossip. Sarah also released a couple of singles as a solo performer.

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Andrew Graham Stewart’s ex-wife made her debut in West End musical theatre in Cats. It was at her performance at the Cats, that she met Andrew Webber, who later became her second husband.

She got the chance to feature in a lot of West End and Broadway musicals. Some of these features include her feature in The Phantom of The Opera, from which she got the role of fictional character Christine Daae. The role was written specifically for her. She sold over 40 million copies of her original London cast album of Phantom, which was released in CD format in 1987.

Her career has been active from 1978 till date in 2022. She is known to be the sister of Amelia Brightman, who is a member of the popular German band called Gregorian. The band performs Gregorian chant version of modern pop and rock songs.

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