Bettie Irene Tucker is one of the two ex-wives of David A. Siegel. Bettie Irene Tucker’s ex-husband, David A. Siegel is an American business, who founded Westgate Resort Ltd, a timeshare resort firm in Florida. He acts as the president and chief executive officer of the company. He is also known to be the CEO of other two Florida-based companies, CFI Resorts and Central Florida Investment Inc.

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Bettie Irene Tucker was the second wife of the business mogul, who has been married thrice and has ten biological children and two adopted children. They have been divorced since 1997, after being together for a long while. Details of the marriage will be addressed later in this article.

In this article, we have all the personal information about David A. Siegel’s second wife, Bettie Irene Tucker. Keep reading to be informed!

Bettie Irene Tucker : Bio Summary

Full NameBettie Irene Tucker
Famous asEx-wife of David A. Siegel
Age87 years old now
Date of Birth1935
Place of Birth  United States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
Children Susan Siegel
Husbandprobably Single

Bettie Irene Tucker Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Bettie Irene Tucker was born in 1935 and is 87 years old in 2022. She was born in Tehachapi School District Kern, California, United States. Her nationality is American. Her ethnicity is white.

Bettie is the daughter of Chester Tucker and Reba Tucker. At the time of her birth, her father Chester was 32 and her mother, Reba was 26 years old. Her parents had four children and she was the second born of the family. Her siblings are, Beverley June Tucker ( the eldest sibling), Shirley Tucker (third born) and their only brother (and last born), Richard Tucker.

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Together with her siblings, they were raised in Tehachapi School District, California. They had their basic education and everything in their native town, though there is no information on what schools they attended.

There is no disclosed information on her career path or current whereabout. Her claim to fame is her marriage to David A. Seigel and has gone into hiatus after their divorce.

Bettie Irene Tucker and David A. Siegel marriage

From the above information, we know that David A. Siegel has been married thrice. His first marriage was to Geraldine Florence Sanstrom. David married Geraldine, his first wife, in March, 1961. They were together for seven years until their divorce in 1968. None of them has disclosed the reason for their divorce. The former couple had three children together. The children are Steven, Valerie and Richard. They all bear their father’s surname ”Siegel”.

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Two years after David Siegel divorced his first wife, he went ahead to marry again. He got married to Bettie Irene Tucker, who became his second wife. The former couple got married in 1970 in Florida. They stayed in Florida until the birth of their daughter, Susan Siegel. After the birth of Susan, the family moved to Orlando. The couple stayed in Orlando till their divorce in 1997, with the reason for divorce unknown.

After the divorce papers were signed, David took full custody of all his children.

Bettie Irene Tucker : Facts About David A. Siegel's ex-wife

Just a year after Bettie Irene Tucker and David Siegel divorced, the latter met another woman called Jackie Seigel, who he married in 2000. The couple got married in a Jewish ceremony, though Jackie is not a Jewish. Jackie is the current wife of David Siegel and they have been together for 22 years now.

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Together, David and his current wife are parenting 8 children and an adopted niece of Jackie.

Bettie Irene Tucker on the other hand went out of the public eye after her divorce to David Siegel and nothing has been heard about her since. There is no information on whether she remarried or have more children aside her daughter with David.

Facts about Bettie Irene Tucker ex-Husband

  • David Siegel was born to a Jewish parents, Sadelle and Sid Siegel in Chicago
  • He attended Miami High School and later University of Miami, where he ended up as a dropout
  • He has been married three times in his lifetime, and currently with his third wife
  • In 2015, his 18 years old daughter Victoria Siegel died of overdose in their home in Windermere
  • He is the founder, CEO and president of Florida-based Westgate Resort Ltd
  • He campaigned for former President George W. Bush in the 2000 elections
  • He was charged with a sexual harassment claim by one of his employee in 2008
  • From his WIKIPEDIA page, he is also an actor who has starred in some few movies
  • He is the father of 12 children, including two adopted ones

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