Lorna Bean : Sean Bean's Daughter

Lorna Bean is a personality known to have appeared in the 2006 documentary titled What Makes Britain Rich. She is also known widely as the daughter Sean Bean had with his second wife, Melanie Hill. Lorna Bean’s father, Sean Bean is an English actor, whose characters in movie roles normally dies. Her mother Melanie, is also a British actress from Sunderland, England.

Lorna is the second of two children that were produced in the marriage between her parents, Sean and Melanie. She has a younger sister from the same parents called Molly Bean. She has other half siblings from her parents other relationships.

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It this article, we have all the information on the personal life of Sean Bean’s daughter, Lorna Bean. We have also put together all the information concerning her parents marriage and other important information you need to know. Keep reading to be informed!!

Lorna Bean: Bio Summary

Full NameLorna Bean
Famous asDaughter of Sean Bean and Melanie Hill
Age34 years old
Date of BirthOctober 1987
Place of BirthUnited Kingdom
Zodiac signUnknown
SiblingsMolly Beans
Parents Sean Beans
Melanie Hill

Lorna Bean Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Sean Bean daughter, Lorna Bean was born October 1987 and she is 34 years old in 2022. She was born in England, United Kingdom. Her nationality is English and her ethnicity is white. She is the daughter of Sean Bean and Melanie Hill. She has a younger sister called Molly Bean, whose was born in 1991. From her father’s other relationships, she has a half sister called Evie Natasha.

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There are no details of Lorna’s educational background. Considering her age, 34, she might probably be done with her high school and university education, if she ever had them. Nothing is also known about her career path. Though she stared in a 2006 documentary, we could not find enough credible information to cement the claim that she is an actress, just like her mother.

Lorna Bean is now married to a man named Michael Stone since May 2016. The young couple have two kids of their own. They currently live in Australia. Sean Bean said at their wedding that Michael is a good man, ”’My daughter is very happy – Michael’s a good man – he passed the Dad test with flying colours”.

Lorna Bean Husband

Lorna got married in May 2015 in London. She is married to Michael Stone. Their wedding ceremony was held at Camden’s Atrium Kitchen in London. The wedding was sponsored by Lorna’s father, Sean Bean.

The ceremony was attended by family and friends of the couple. Lorna was dressed in a traditional ivory lace gown with a pair of quirky peach stilettos. Her husband Michael, was dressed in a casual teal suit with a black tie.

Sean was seem at the occasion, looking dapper in suit teamed with a crisp white white shirt and a matching navy spotted tie. He looked like a loving father rather than the usual hard guy in movies. He spoke to the guests at the wedding and welcomed them.

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There was a dinner after the wedding, which was attended by over 80 guests. Later that evening, another set of over 120 guests joined them for a night party.

The couple now live in Australia, with their kids.

Lorna Bean Parents

Lorna as we know from the above information, is the daughter of Melanie Hill and Sean Bean. Now let us get to know them, incase you do not know who they are.

Her Father

Lorna Bean’s father, Sean is a 63 year old actor from England. He is popular for many movie role, including his role in the highly rated series, Game of Thrones. His career span from 1983 till date in 2022. He has won many awards and recognitions for the roles he has played all these years.

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Sean and his daughters, Molly and Lorna Bean

Some of his awards include awards from Phoenix Film Critics Society Award scheme, Screen Actors Guild Award, Online Film Critics Society Award, Cologne Film Festival, etc. Looking at his Wikipedia profile, it seems most of his awards and recognitions are from the roles he played in Game of Thrones and The Lord Of The Rings. Sean s currently in his fifth marriage after four failed marriages.

Her Mother

Melanie Hill is the mother of Lorna Bean. She is an actress by profession and an English citizen. She is 60 years old. Her career has span from 1984 till date 2022. She is well known for her role as Alevine in the drama series, Bread. She is also known for her role as Rita Dolan in anther series tilted Playing The Field. She has been married twice, and currently in her second marriage with Jimmy Daly.

Their Marriage

Lorna Bean’s father Sean has been married five times in his lifetime. He first married a woman called Debra James, his childhood sweetheart in 1981. The marriage collapsed in 1988 with no child from the union.

Sean went ahead to marry again, this time to Lorna’s mother Melanie Hill. The former lovers got married in 1990 and divorced after seven years in 1997. Their marriage resulted in the birth of Lorna Beans and her younger sister, Moly Beans.

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