Julianne Gee Kelliher : Facts About Bill Kelliher's Wife

Julianne Gee Kelliher is the only known spouse of the famous American guitarist Bill Kelliher. Although she is known by a lot of people as the wife of Bill, she is best known for being a personality. 

Julianne Gee Kelliher Wikipedia

In as much as she is the wife a famous person, Julianne much prefers to keep her life private. Just like the wives of many celebrities, Juliane would much rather stay out of the limelight. Although she accompanies her husband to events and supports him in his career, she does not speak to the press and post nearly northing about her personal life or marriage on social media.

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Owing to the fact that she prefers to keep her life to herself, the only thing one can find of Julianne on the internet are hers pictures with her husbands and a line or two about she and her husband’s marriage in Bill Kelliher’s biography.

Julianne Gee Kelliher and Bill Kelliher marriage

Julianna Gee Kelliher has been married to Bill Kelliher for some years now. She is the mother of two wonderful children whom she conceived together with Bill. She has two boys named Conan Kelliher and Harrison. As to whether this is Julianna’s first marriage or not, it is not known. Also, information on her previous relationships is unavailable.

However, Julianne has been a great mother and an amazing wife. She has been an anchor in her husband’s life, supporting him every step of the way, it is no surprise they are still happily married.

She has been an anchor in his life

Julianne Gee Kelliher’s Husband

Bill Kelliher, Julianne Gee Kelliher’s husband is an Irish native and an American. He holds a dual citizenship with the United States of America and Ireland. His father, who used to reside in Killorglin, County Kerry in Ireland emigrated from Ireland to America in his teenage years for unknown reason, probably in search of greener pastures. 

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Being a name of Victor, Bill was born in Victor, New York in the United States of America, and stayed there for a while. Sometime after, he moved from Victor in New York to the Georgia, the Atlanta area to be precise and that is where his career took off. He was given birth to on 23rd March, 1971 and would be turning 52 years old in seven months. He is mostly known for being part of a widespread band called Mastodon. His zodiac sign is Aries.


Sources say that Julianne Gee Kelliher occupation is being a personality. We can neither confirm nor deny that even after days and hours of research and unfortunately, we do not know who a personality is. 

Bill Kelliher is a musician from Atlanta, Georgia. As said earlier best known for being part of the heavy metal band Mastodon. He is the rhythm guitarist of the band and to be frank, he is really good.  

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Starting out in the groups Lethargy and Today is the Day. Bill does a whole lot, performing different roles in his current band Mastodon. Those roles include; backing vocals during live performances, complex guitar parts and being an occasional lead guitarist. He is also heard running the samples and ambiance in between and during songs. He shares guitar duties with Brent Hinds, playing mainly complex rhythm parts, although Bill sometimes is heard plays solos such as solos on “Sleeping Giant”, and harmonized dual leads with Hinds, such as on “Black Tongue”.


Being a part of such a popular prestigious band, Julianne Gee Kelliher’s husband Bill has won a hand full of awards. He and his co-guitarist Hinds won the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award for “Best Shredders” in June 12, 2007”. That was the band’s first ever award. His band, Mastodon also later won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for the song “Sultan’s Curse” in 2018.

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