Sid Aboud : Facts About Simon Aboud Son With Mary McCartney

Sid Aboud is the youngest child of Simon Aboud and Mary McCartney. Sid Aboud’s father Simon Aboud is a director and writer, known for the movies This Beautiful Fantastic and Comes A Bright Day. His mother, Mary McCartney is a British photographer, who is the daughter of popular English musician Paul McCartney and photographer Linda McCartney.

His first name ”Sid” is an old English name which means ”broad meadow”.

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Sid Aboud’s parent, Simon and Mary have two children from their 12 years old marriage. The two children are Sid and his brother Sam Aboud, of which the former is the youngest. Though these two are the only biological children of the couple, there are other children in the family.

The other children are children from former marriages of Simon and Mary. Though we will talk about those other children in details, this article is entirely about Simon Aboud and Mary McCartney’s youngest son, Sid. Keep reading to be informed.

Sid Aboud : Bio Summary

Full NameSid Aboud
Famous asSon of Mary McCartney and Simon Aboud
Age10 years old
Date of BirthSeptember 2011
Place of Birth  United States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
Siblings 4
ParentsFather : Simon Aboud
Mother : Mary McCartney

Sid Aboud Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Sid Aboud was born September 12, 2011 and he is 10 years old in 2022. He was born in the United States of America. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is white. He is the youngest son of Simon Aboud and Mary McCartney. He is also the biological brother of Sam Aboud.

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Aside his direct brother Sam, he also has other siblings from his parents previous relationships. These other siblings are ; Arthur Alistair Donald and Elliot Donald(children from Mary McCartney’s previous relationships) and a half sister from his father’s previous relationship.

Sid Aboud : Facts About Simon Aboud Son With Mary McCartney

Simon Aboud and Mary McCartney’s youngest son, Sid Aboud was once a student of Collins College in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. He pursued an associate’s degree in Computer Programming from 2019 to 2020. His career is unknown, but with his background in Computer Programming it possible he works in the IT field.

He also has interest in photography just like his mother. It is also known of him to be a filmmaker and a bass guitar player. Sid seem like a talented young man who is likely to make it big in whatever field he chooses.

Sid Aboud Parents

From earlier on, we got the know that Sid is the youngest son of Mary McCartney and Simon Aboud. Now let’s me take you through who these people are.

Sid’s mother

Mary McCartney, Sid Aboud’s mother, whose full name is Mary Ann McCartney is a photographer, vegetarian, and vegan chef from London, England. She is the Global Ambassador for Meat Free Monday and Green Monday. She is also the host of a cooking show on Discovery +, called Mary McCartney Serves It Up.

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She was born August 28, 1969 and she is 52 years in 2022. Her nationality is English and her ethnicity is white. Aside the personal achievements she is known for, she is widely known for being the daughter English musician Paul McCartney.

Sid’s father

Simon Aboud, Sid Aboud’s father is a movie director and writer known for movies like 2012 movie Comes A Bright Day and 2016 movie, This Beautiful Fantastic. Aside the two of his greatest works in the movies above, he has also directed many other movies.

Some of these movies include Dark Before Dawn, Bear Season, Come Here Today, Enchantment, All You Need Is Me, etc.

Sid Aboud’s Parent Marriage

Mary McCartney and Simon Aboud have been married since June 12, 2010. They got married in a private wedding at Marylebone Register Office. This ceremony was in the presence of few friends and family, who were there to be witnesses. Mary’s parents, Paul and Linda McCartney also got married in that same office in 1969.

Before they got married, they had both been in previous relationships and had children. Mary had two children from her previous relationship with Alistair Donald. Simon also had a daughter from his previous relationship.

Sid Aboud Siblings

Aside his brother from the same mother and father, Sam Aboud, Sid has other siblings as mentioned from above. His parents all had either a child or children from their former relationships.

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On his mother’s side he has two half siblings, who are all boys. They are Alistair Arthur Donald and another half brother. Alistair attended Yale University and also took photography lessons. From his father’s side is a half sister, whose name is unknown.

Simon Aboud is fond of posting his family more often on his social media pages, especially his Instagram account.

Sid Aboud Grandfather

Sid’s mother Mary McCartney is the daughter of legendary musician and song writer Paul McCartney. In this regards, Paul is the grandfather of Sid.

Paul McCartney, whose full name was Sir James Paul McCartney was born June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, England. He was popular in his time as the co-lead vocalist, songwriter and bassist for the popular band called The Beatles.

He is regardless widely as one of the most successful music composers and performers of all time. He has four children, including Sid Aboud’s mother Mary McCartney.


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