Christa Vandenbrink is one of the ex-wives of former baseball star Larry Walker. Christa Vandenbrink is a woman known to the masses as the first wife of the former star baseball player and although duo is not together anymore, quite a number of people still remember her and are very interested in her life.

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Sadly, after her separation from her former spouse, she ghosted. She was not much of a media person before and even during her shot-lived marriage and so it makes a lot of sense. 

Christa Vandenbrink Bio

The above question is really a good question, a question for the gods. Her name is known by many but nothing is known about her. Her quest to live a much quiet and private life has made it impossible to trace nor track her current whereabouts. 

Christa Vandenbrink is a “Maple Ridge girl” as some articles on her ex-husband state. She was born and raised in Maple Ridge. Maple Ridge is a city in British Columbia in Canada.

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Larry Kenneth Robert Walker, her ex-husband was born on December 1st in 1966 also in Maple Ridge Canada. He speaks fondly of his hometown and always never forgets to tell the world how he misses and loves the place. He remembers British Columbia with warmth. “I love the place,“ he remarked as he hefted a bat and rose from the dugout at Olympic Stadium. “Like my Dad always says, it’s God’s country.” Larry is currently 54 years old.

Christa Vandenbrink and Larry Walker marriage

Like we all know, Christa is the first wife of Larry Walker. Larry has been married twice throughout his lifetime.  The both of then were born and raised in the same hometown and it is assumed that that is where the duo met.

Christa Vandenbrink first married Larry in 1990 but unfortunately, the marriage did not last like it was expected to. The couple got divorced 4 years after in 1994 and Larry remarried shortly after. He married a Wisconsin native Angela Brekken day after the 1998 All-Star game and has two kids with her named Canaan, and Shayna Walker. The couple currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida with their two children.

Christa and Larry had one daughter together known as Brittany Marie. She was born in 1993 and is currently 29 years old 

After the divorce, baby Britney stayed with her mum Christa I maple Ridge but received occasional visits from her dad and also visited him. Does Larry get to see her much? “Not enough,” he says.

Christa Vandenbrink ex-husband

Raised in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, he spent most of his youth playing street hockey with an NHL goaltender aspiration. His dreams of a career as an NHL goalie vanished, however, when he failed to win a spot with the Regina Pats, a major-junior team. In one interview, he stated “I was just like every other Canadian kid,” Walker remembers. “I didn’t want to be a baseball player. I wanted to be a hockey player.”


The career path of Christa Vandenbrink is currently unknown. Larry on the other hand is a 54-year-oldformer professional baseball right fielder for the MLB.

Shortly after his dream of playing hockey was crushed, Bob Rogers, an Expos scout on the West Coast, called the his family home making a proposal. The next day, Larry and his father met Rogers in a hotel near Vancouver airport and, for $5,000, signed a minor-league contract with the Expos organization. that was 1984 and Larry was just 17 years old when he signed that deal. He spent the next five years after that moving around minor-league teams in the United States and Mexico, but not earning more than 200 dollars a week.

On August 16th in 1989, he played his first game for the Expos.  When he was interviewed on it, he said t is a day he will never forget. “I went one for one with three walks,” said Walker, adding with a quiet smile, “Things have looked pretty good since then.”

After playing with Montreal Expos until 1992, he became a free agent again and decided to sign a four-year contract with the Colorado Rockies and through that, he earned a Most Valuable Player award in 1997, becoming the first Canadian to win such an award in the MLB. He played with the team until 2004 s traded to the and then was bought by St. Louis Cardinals where he played until he retired.  

Christa Vandenbrink ex-husband, Larry made 383 home runs throughout his career. He is a seven-time Gold Glove award recipient, a three-time batting champion, and a five-time All-Star. He is one of only three players in history to rank within the top 100 of each of batting runs, baserunning runs, and defensive runs saved; the others are Barry Bonds and Willie Mays.

He was inducted to the Hall of Fame on September 8th, 2021 ranking 333. He along with Ferguson Jenkins, is the only Canadian-born player in the Hall of Fame. 

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