Taylor Guitars is one of the biggest acoustic guitar manufacturers in the United States of America, located in El Cajon, California. This company specializes in the making of acoustic guitars and semi-hollowed electric guitars. The company was started by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug in the year 1974, and the company is 48 now as at 2022.

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In this article, you will know all there is about Taylor guitars and also know whether they are good guitars. Keep reading to be informed!!

At age 18 in 1972, Bob Taylor, who was one of the founders, was working at a guitar making shop called American Dream, where Kurt Listug (one of the co-founders of Taylor Guitars) was just an apprentice. In the year 1974, the owner of American Dream guitar making shop decided to sell his company, which Bob Taylor, Kurt Listug and another employee bought the company and renamed it Westland Music Company from American Dream.

After some years of operating Westland Music Company, the founders decided to change the company name to something more suitably and landed on the name ”Taylor” which sounded more American than Listug. From there, Kurt Listug became the company’s business man, whiles Bob Taylor became in charge of design and production of the guitars. The company in 1976, decided to sell their products through retailers. They experience some financial issues in 1981, but Bob Taylor took out a bank loan to buy equipment for the company to keep running.

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Taylor Guitars have two factories now, one in El Cajon, California and the other one in Tecate, Mexico, where they manufacture low priced models and guitar cases. The company also has a distribution warehouse in the Netherlands with which they serve their products to the European market. In 2012, Taylor Guitars had over 700 employees in both of their factories in USA and Mexico. Today the company has over 1200 employees in both factories. Taylor guitars have no factory in China and none of their guitars is made in China.

The U.S State Department has awarded Taylor Guitars with an Award for Corporate Excellence. The department cited Taylor’s commitment to responsible practices in obtaining ebony for its instruments, which they did by purchasing their own sustainable ebony mill and increasing its usable timber from 10% to 100%.

In January 2021, the company became fully employee-owned.

Are Taylor’s Good Guitar?

You may be asking are Taylor’s good guitar? The answer is Yes. Read these excellent qualities about Taylor guitars below and you would agree.

Taylor Guitars are very good guitars. They use second generation Expression System(ES2), which captures the string movement behind the saddle, making it different and better than most guitars which captures the string movement underneath the saddle. The use of ES2 in Taylor Guitars also help to recreate the natural acoustic tone of your guitar through an amp.

Taylor guitars also have modern sound which is usually balanced and accurate. Their frequency ranges are a bit richer in the upper mids, better than other guitar makers like Martin and Gibson whose frequencies are in the lower mids.

Taylor Guitars are also good guitars because, they are perfectly designed instruments. Though they are produced on a large scale, the company does not give room for errors and have a very good quality control. One of such good design techniques of Taylor Guitar is how they attach the neck to the body of the guitar. The neck sits in a perfect size pocket, which supports the fretboard all the way to the 19th fret. This kind of design keeps the guitar stable and straight for a long time.

These few points above are really good to conclude that Taylor Guitars are good guitars

Is Taylor Guitar Owned By Taylor Swift?

American singer and song writer, Taylor Swift has a huge collection of both acoustic and electric Taylor guitars. This huge collection of Taylor guitars make people ask Is Taylor guitar owned by Taylor Swift? The answer is No. Taylor Guitar is owned by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. Though Taylor Swift has massive love for Taylor guitars, she has no ownership in the company.

Who Owns Taylor Guitars?

Taylor Guitars has its headquarters in California and was founded by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. Bob and Kurt were 19 and 21 years respectively when they started the Taylor Guitars, after buying the company from their employer in 1992. Their passion for guitar making made them work hard through all struggles to build Taylor guitar into a world class guitar making giant.

Which Musicians Play Taylor Guitar

A lot of famous musicians play Taylor guitar. Among them is Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, Jade Bird, Tory Kelly, Ben Harper, Jewel, Elise Trouw, Alan Jackson, Travis Meeks, Zac Brown, Emily King, Tom Fletcher, Steven Kurtis Chapman, Michael Hedges, George Strait, Steve Stevens and other great musicians making waves all around the world. Because of the unique manufacture and sound of Taylor guitars, most renowned musicians prefer it to any other brand of guitars.

Taylor Guitars are the best in the market and you should look no further when purchasing a guitar.

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