In today’s fast paced world, we often find ourselves enmeshed in a flurry of activities projects to deliver at the workplace, caring for the family, achieving personal goals and targets, the list is endless.

However, in the midst of all that, you must always remember that there is only one you on the face of the earth. Therefore, you must take care of yourself so that you can always be refreshed and aglow.

Outlined below are some sure steps that would help you stay refreshed always and maintain your glow to keep you fresh all the time:


The state of your body is majorly a reflection of what you eat. Aim to always include foods with high fibre, such as beans and oat meals, whole grain foods such as brown rice, brown bread and toasted wheat cereals, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as diary products such as pastas and breakfast cereals that are not whole grain.

Every food you take in, you must be sure that it contains nutrients or food component that will be beneficiary to your body system.


Regular exercise will give you a youthful and radiant appearance. It also serves to strengthen your heart and lungs, thereby improving your blood circulation. Studies have also shown that physical exercise promotes better sleep and your general sense of wellbeing.

Go to the gym and let the instructor draw a workout plan for you. If your schedule wont allow that, you can download simple home workout plans from the internet and follow.


While science has not been able to fully explain it, statistics show that those who laugh more are less prone to fall ill. So take time in the day just to laugh, whether or not you feel like it.

There’s a popular saying that, Laughter is the best medicine. It is a manifestation of joy; an expression of mirth. It’s making of sounds and movements with the face and body that show joy, amusement and contentment.

Laughter causes the release of endorphins, which are the human body’s natural pain relief hormones. It relieves tension, anxiety, shame and guilt. It also helps maintain a positive attitude even in a negative situation.

Moreover, laughter has the ability to raise energy levels, thereby completely getting rid of depression. It helps reduce stress that comes in the course of daily activities. It also improves your emotional and mental health and keeps one refreshed.


When you help someone in need, you are enriched, not just materially but physically too. You find out that you are always filled with joy because you made a difference in someone’s life. This takes depression and anxiety far from you and gives you a cheerful countenance.


When caffeine is taken into the body of an individual, it increases the activity in the person’s nervous system and brain. Too much of it can cause an instability in the brain and body in general, but a well checked intake of it can refresh the brain and hence keep the individual well refreshed in general.


There is the need to go for periodic medical checks and evaluation. This is due to the fact that, some health conditions start without symptoms at their early stages and can only be detected when a health professional identifies it through proper medical checks. It is advisable you do so, whether you are healthy or otherwise.

During these medical checkups, the health professional, can educate you on how to live a healthy life to avoid any future.

Good health is a solid foundation to stay refreshed always.

Recreation As A Way T o Stay Refreshed

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A family spending time together

Recreation can be defined as the refreshment of one’s mind and body through activity that amuses or stimulates.

Research findings have shown that recreational activities have health and mental benefits, and help in the development of the psychological and social tendencies of individuals.

Recreation could be active or passive, or a combination of the two. Passive recreational activities includes enjoying a song, watching a football match or reading. The active recreational ones too includes running, cycling or playing basketball with friends.

The active recreation, which involves more physical activity, makes an individual less prone to obesity. It is excellent for elevating the heart rate and helps boost the immune system for an individual to be always refreshed.

Recreation and leisure activities can help alleviate depression and increase positive moods. Res, relaxation and revitalization through recreation are essential to managing stress in today’s busy and demanding world, and provide a medium in which participants cant gain personal satisfaction and stay refreshed always.

Put these things to practice today and watch yourself glow today and always.

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