Hudson Joseph Logano : Facts About Joey Logano's Son

Little Hudson Joseph Logano is the first son of American professional stock car racing driver Joey Logano and his wife Brittany Baca.  Hudson Joseph Logano was the first son of Joey Logano and the only child till 2020 when the couple had another son. Somewhere in February of this year his parents announced again the birth of the fifth member of their family.

Baby Hudson Joseph Logano earned a close and very strong relationship with his parents due to the fact that he was the first child of the couple.

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Hudson Joseph Logano : Bio Summary

Full NameHudson Joseph Logano
Famous asSon of Joey Logano
Age4 years old
Date of Birth2018
Place of Birth  United States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
Children Mother : Brittany Baca
Father : Joey Logano

Joey Logano is a popular NASCAR driver who was born to Tom Logano and Deborah Logano.  Joey Thomas Logano as is his birth name was born on the 24th of May, 1990 in Middletown, Connecticut, in the United States of America making him 32 years old currently. He has a sister named Danielle Logano.

He and his family used to live near the river in Portland. In addition to racing, Joey used to also play ice hockey in his childhood days. The family later moved to Georgia and that was where Joey’s father, Thomas helped him grow his racing career.

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When Joey started his racing career, he was given the nickname “sliced bread” because although he was young and somewhat new, he won lots of races.

From sources, Joey and Brittany had been in love with each other since they were young. He asked his childhood sweetheart Brittany Baca to be his wife officially announcing the engagement on November 13th 2013, and on 13th of December 2014 he later walked down the aisle with her making the wedding announcement in December 2014 on Twitter while NASCAR was off-season. The cuple had a wonderful wedding .

The couple got an expensive beautiful house situated in Huntersville, North Carolina and have started a family which is currently a family of four. As proud happy parents, one can tell that the connection between them and their kids is really intense.

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The duo announced in June the pregnancy of Brittany and in January, they spread the news about the birth of their first child and son, baby Hudson. 

What is the meaning of Hudson Joseph Logano’s name?


The name Hudson is a derivative from an an Anglo-Scottish surname. The surname “Hudson” is derived from the ancient surname “Hudde” and has three different origins. Notwithstanding the fact that the name has three possible origins, it is one of the pet forms of the Old Saxon name “Hugh,” which means “Heart, mind, and soul.”

Hudson Joseph Logano : Facts About Joey Logano's Son
Hudson and his father, Joey


Joseph on the other hand is a biblical Christian name. The name “Joseph” on its own is a male name which has a Hebrew origin and is written as “” in the Hebrew Bible. The name is derived from Yosef YHWH, which means “Yahweh or Jehovah will expand.”

The summer before baby Hudson’s arrival, Joey and Brittany had their gender reveal and it was not a traditional one. Using noise and adrenaline filled excitement, they had a NASCAR gender reveal.  The gender of the baby was revealed as the sports automobile made its way around the pavement.

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Hudson Joseph Logano’s first victory celebration was with his father when his father Joey Logano won the Monster Energy Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway, ending a 36-race winless skid. Joey was happier that day because he had the opportunity to celebrate and share his win with his new born son, Hudson, for the first time.

As said earlier, Baby Hudson is the first of three kids. He has a little sister Emilia who was born earlier this year

In 2020, Hudson Joseph Logano welcomed his brother, the second-born son, Jameson Jett Logano and recently in February 2022, the family welcomed their third born and first daughter, Emilia Love Logano. 

The world cannot wait to behold the wonderful person baby Hudson Joseph Logano grows into. Perhaps he would take after his father and go into racing or take us by surprise and divert totally far.

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