Julian Snider : Everything About Katherine Kelly Lang's son

Julian Snider is well known for being one of the sons of Katherine Kelly Lang, known by many as just Kelly Lang. Julian owes his claim to fame to his mother Kelly since she is the reason why his name is out there.

Katherine Kelly Lang is a famous American actress who has aced in many shows including television shows like Skatetown U.S.A, The Power of Matthew Star, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Magic, Stan the Man, and Monolith.

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Julian Snider Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Katherine Kelly Lang’s son, Julian Snider was born on the 11th October, 1992 in the United States of America and he is 29 years old in 2022. His precise birthplace is currently not known and available to the public. Julian was born to the famous Kelly Lang and her first husband Skott Snider.

Julian Snider : Everything About Katherine Kelly Lang's son

Julian Snider is the second of the two children his mother had with Skott but also has two step sisters. His older brother is Jeremy Skott Snider (who was born on 5th September 1990 in California, USA and is currently 31 years) and his sisters are Zoe Katrina D’Andrea (born in 1997) from his step-dad Alex D’Andrea and Danyelle D’Andrea (born in 1991) also from Alex D’Andrea. Pisces is his zodiac sign. 

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Julian is the grandson of Olympic ski jumper, Keith R. Wegeman and actress Judith Lang and the great-grandson of the Oscar-winning cinematographer Charles Lang, all from his maternal side. Although his educational background has not been made privy to the media, the young man is known to be very talented.

Julian is an artist and owns her website, where she exhibits her designs.

Julian Snider’s Mother

His mother Katherine Kelly Lang officially named Katherine Kelly Wegeman at the time of birth has been noted for her impressive acting skills. She was born in Hollywood, California in the United States of America on July 25th, 1961 and Judith Lang. Kelly in currently 61 years old. She attended and graduated from the infamous Beverly Hills High School.

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Julian Snider’s mother, Kelly has been married twice. The first time to Julian’s father, Skott Snider and the second time to Alex D’ Andrea. As implied above, she has three biological kids from her two husbands. There is no information on Kelly’s current love life so it is assumed that she is single.

She married Julian Snider’s father in 1989, that being her first marriage. Skott Snider at the time was a director and photographer, specializing in cuisine, lifestyle, architecture, beauty, and other related subjects. He worked on the public relations campaigns as part of advertising and marketing campaigns and his main job was to keeping his company’s brand identification. 

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The marriage sadly did not last long and the couple got divorced six years after in 1995 not given any reason to the public. Kelly then moved on and remarried Alex D’Andrea two years after the divorce in the year 1997. That marriage too did not last very long although it lasted longer than her previous marriage. After fifteen (15) years of marriage with two daughters the duo got a divorce in 2012 but the divorce was finalized in 2014.

Zoe, Julian Snider’s step-sister gave birth in 2018 to a girl named Zuma, making Julian an uncle and Kelly a grandmother. Zuma means “peace” in Arabic.

Julian Sinder Career

Although he is surrounded by folks who have made it big in the entertainment industry, Julian Snider does not want anything to do with showbiz. He more often than not shies away from the camera and avoids anything that has to do with the press. His bother Jeremy, taking the footsteps of his mum had started his career also following the acting world. Julian on the other hand, we are not so sure of the career choice he is making for himself.

Career of Julian’s Mother

Katherine Kelly started her acting career on television, appearing in several T.V. shows like Happy Days in 1974, Magnum, P.I. in 1980, The Last Precinct in 1986, and The Young and the Restless in 1973. She however, made her debut in acting in the film Skatetown which was released in 1979. After Skatetown, she acted in movies like The Night Stalker (1986), Desperate Lives, and others (1982) and also appeared in three music videos in 1985.  In aa short period, her acting career skyrocketed and as it increased, so did her fame and popularity.

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She has also appeared in shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful Tv series from 1987 to 2022, Delta Fever in 1987, 1st and ten in 1986, Dreams in 1984, Legmen in 1984, Riptide in 1984 and The Christmas Dance.

Katherine, rose to prominence mostly because of her roles in B&B soap operas. 

Julian Snider Relationships

Julian Snider is a very private young man and therefore has not discussed anything with the media about his personal life or relationships with other women. He is assumed to be single since he has not been spotted going on dates with anyone or been seen posting about any woman. 

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