Pele Massa : Facts About Ted Nugent's Underage Girlfriend

Pele Massa is popular as the underage girlfriend of Ted Nugent. Pele Massa’s ex-boyfriend, Ted Nugent is an American rock musician and activist, who gained fame for being the lead guitarist and periodic lead singer for popular rock band, The Amboy Dukes. He went on to perform as a solo artist, after the dissolution of the band. He is also known to voice out his opinions on political matters and this has gained him a lot of media attention as well.

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Pele Massa : Bio Summary

Full NamePele Massa
Famous asTed Nugent underage girlfriend
Age61 years old
Date of BirthSeptember 10, 1961
Place of Birth  United States of America
Zodiac signVirgo
Children N/A

Who is Pele Massa?

Pele Massa was born September 10, 1961 in the United States and she is 61 years old in 2022. Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is white. Her parents were natives of Hawaii, but their names have not been revealed online.

She had her high school education in Hawaii. Her claim to fame is her claim to have had a relationship with Ted Nugent, when she was only seventeen years old.

Pele Massa became Ted Nugent’s girlfriend at age seventeen

Pele and Ted met and became lovers in 1978, at a time when Ted was thirty and she was only seventeen years old. They had wanted to get married, but the age difference stopped them from proceeding any further towards marriage.

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At that time in Hawaii, where the two former lovers met, the legal age for sexual consent was 16 and legally could have gotten married. Since they could not get married to stay together as husband and wife, Ted adopted seventeen year old Pele so he could be the legal guardian.

In a publication, Pele Masa described her relationship with the Republican Party supporter, Ted Nugent as a very deep and intimate one. She went further to say, Ted was a very gentle and a romantic person.

Ted Nugent adopted Pele Massa with her parents’ consent

The two lovers, Pele and Ted could not get married because of age difference and what society would have said about the marriage between a man and a girl.

Ted Nugent therefore adopted Pele with the consent of her parents, so he could be the legal guardian of his girlfriend. Pele’s parents agreed to this because, they thought Ted was a safe hand for their daughter than a high school drug abuser.

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Pele Massa’s parents signed documents which allowed Ted to have his way around being in a romantic relationship with Pele.

Over the years, the renowned musician who has been tagged as a pedophile for allegedly being with underage girls, denied having any relationship with Pele Massa. He once denied on Joe Rogan Experience, when asked if he has been having affair with underage girls.

In an episode of Behind The Music, he admitted having consented affairs with many underage girls. He also in one of his songs titled ‘‘Jailbait”, talked about how he wanted to have an affair with a 13-year-old girl.

Ted Nugent Scandals

Aside the underage scandal Ted had, which involves Pele Massa, he has been involved in other underage girls scandals. Notable among them was the one which revolved around American singer and actress Courtney Love. Courtney claimed Ted made her perform oral sex on him when she was 12 years old. The actress later said she was 14 years when the incident happened and this made her story seem untrue.

Ted is known to have been married twice and also had six children with four different women. He is currently married to Shemane Deziel, and they have a son together called Rocco Winchester Nugent.

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