Joyce Leroy : Facts About Cheryl Crane's Wife

Joyce Leroy is a name that when mentioned, brings back a lot of old time controversies especially surrounding the ever so popular Cheryl Crane and even her mother Lana Turner. In their day, they really had so much to offer the gossip thirsty press and never ceased to amaze the audience that looked on to more surprises.

She came out as a homosexual and her partner, Cheryl Crane, who had already been a hot topic since childhood, even made matters a lot more out of hand. In this article, information about Joyce Leroy will be disclosed. This will include her early years, career, love life, net worth and any other matter of interest.

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Who was Joyce Leroy?

Joyce Leroy was not really known by anyone. She made a sudden appearance into fame due to her association with Cheryl Christina Crane. Nothing about her early years or even schooling has been revealed to the press or any source so far. However, her partner Cheryl Christina Crane, has so much documented on her, by virtue of her birth by Lana Turner. 

Cheryl Christina Crane was born on  July 25 of the year, 1943. She is the only child of actress Lana Turner. Her father was the second man Lana Turner had gotten married to. His name was Steve Crane, an actor who later on delved into being a restaurateur. In 1958, she(Cheryl Crane) was the subject of significant media attention when, she stabbed to death her mother’s lover, Johnny Stompanato, when she was just fourteen years old, during a domestic struggle. Fortunately for her, she was not charged, and his death was considered as a justifiable homicide.

Many years after Stompanato’s death, Cheryl Crane’s notorious behaviors came to the light of the press and was documented vividly. 

Joyce Leroy’s career

Joyce Leroy’s career, like most aspects of her life remains unknown to the general public. She seems to be living an extremely quiet life with no sort of drama from the press (aside the shock they received when she got together with Cheryl). Since, she had allowed Cheryl to be the one in interviews and anything that required intense social interaction.

After Cheryl had graduated from high school, she worked as a model for a very short while before diverting the restaurant business, working at the Luau, a Polynesian restaurant that her father had owed. She had later on gone to study restaurant management and hospitality at Cornell University, with the aim of  becoming a restaurateur.

Joyce Leroy’s love life

Joyce Leroy’s sexual orientation was something that really caused a stir during her days, considering homosexuality was not as widely accepted as it is now. She did not openly discuss how she felt like, coming out to her family and even scarier to the world. However, her partner, Cheryl was open about her ordeals.

According to her, she know that she was not a straight lady from the age of six. “For years [my mother would] never mention it to anyone. Her friends knew that she knew, but that was it. With this book, we bit into it. Mother said to [Joyce] and me, ‘Don’t you realize what you are letting yourselves in for?’ Then she understood this was my book not her book. One day we were on this subject (homosexuality) and she asked me, ‘You mean it wasn’t something I did? It wasn’t environmental?’ And when I said ‘No,’ I saw a huge weight being lifted from her, “ Cheryl shared. 

Lana Turner  after sometime stated that she pictured Cheryl Crane’s partner, Joyce LeRoy, “as a second daughter.”

In 1998, Cheryl Crane was diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully underwent a double mastectomy as well as radiation and chemotherapy to treat the cancer.

Joyce Leroy’s net worth

When Lana Turner had taken her final breath in 1995, Cheryl Crane and Joycelyn LeRoy inherited Lana Turner’s personal belongings as well as fifty thousand dollars of which her estate was estimated in court documents to be worth $1.7 million which is 3.3 million dollars in 2021, with the majority of her estate being left to Carmen Lopez Cruz who was  her maid and had stuck close to her for forty-five good years.

Cheryl Crane challenged the will and Lopez claimed that the majority of the estate was consumed by probate costs, legal fees, and medical expenses.

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