Timothy Hunter Roth : Facts About Tim Roth's Son

Timothy Hunter Roth is the second son of Tim Roth. Timothy Hunter Roth, albeit is the first son of Tim Roth and his current wife Nikki Butler. Although Timothy finds himself the son of such a famous man, he likes to keep his life private and is almost never seen outside or at media gatherings. As such, finding information on his whereabouts and life is close to impossible.

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Timothy Hunter Roth Age, Wikipedia

Timothy Hunter Roth was born in 1995 and is currently 27 years old. His parents as stated are Timothy Simon Roth, also known as Tim Roth and his wife Nikki Butler. Timothy’s middle name is known to have been inspired by the names of two well-known screenwriters and actors: Hunter Carson and Hunter S. Thompson, the founder of the Gonzo journalism movement. It seems his parents really love them. His name is also tattooed on his father’s forearm in addition to the name of his mother and brother.

Timothy Hunter Roth : Facts About Tim Roth's Son

Timothy hunter Roth is the brother of the renowned Jack Roth and popular upcoming artiste Michael Cormac Roth. Jack is the eldest son whom his father had in a previous relationship whiles Michael is Timothy Hunter’s full brother, and the last son. 

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Timothy attended a public school growing up called Sequoyah High School in Georgia.  As a little boy, he used to attend media functions with his parents and walk the red carpet. It seems though that as Timothy Hunter slowly lost interest in such things and so decided to ghost. 

Timothy Hunter Roth’s brother Jack Roth

Jack Roth just like his father is quite popular and well-known. He is an award-winning writer and producer and was born in 1984. Jack is currently 38 years old. Jack is the step-brother of Timothy Hunter and was born to Tim Roth and his former girlfriend Lori Baker. Due to the fact that Tim Roth and Lori did not get married, the split up after a few years of dating. This separation made Jack’s childhood life a little difficult to enjoy.  

Timothy Hunter Roth’s brother, Jack decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and entered the acting industry. He has portrayed some wonderful parts and is quite good at what he does. He is very talented although he did not attend theatre school. If seems being born to and raised by an amazing actor gives you the genes and supports the genes. Jack followed in his father’s footsteps into acting and has landed some remarkable parts throughout the years.

Timothy Hunter Roth : Facts About Tim Roth's Son

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He has played characters such as Max in the second season of Sky Living’s “Bedlam” and Dolce Orlick in the BBC’s “Great Expectation.” He has also acted in blockbuster films such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Bohemian Rhapsody, as well as a Game of Thrones episode called The Watchers of the Wall. He is also a theatre performer and because of his love for what he does he does his best and gives his all. He is really ambitious and has a brighter future.

Timothy Hunter Roth’s younger brother

Michael Cormac Roth is Timothy Hunter Roth’s youngest brother and the last born of the family. He was also born to Nikki Butler just like Timothy Hunter in 1996 and is currently 26 years old. Michael grew up in Los Angeles, California, and attended Sequoyah High School, where his older brother Timothy Hunter Roth also attended. He then attended Bennington College where he earned his bachelor’s degree in 2019. 

It seems as though Michael is also following in footsteps of his father and making it in the American entertainment industry although he is not into acting but rather music. Currently, he is working in the soundtrack department of Michael Franco’s film New Order, a Mexican-French art Dystopian thriller and his music can be found on platforms like SoundCloud. Due to the kind of work he does, he is really active on various social media platforms but just as an artiste. Advertising his music preparing for upcoming music projects.

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Michael, even though a young musician has already collaborated on a few projects. He has also published his own music CDs, such as Python (2018) and Cormac (2017). 

Michael used to study music growing up.  Through his study of music, curiosity drove a passion for it and he fell in love with it making it his career. A lot of people believe he is going to be great.

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