Jack Gordon Cassidy : Facts About Patrick Cassidy's Son

Jack Gordon Cassidy is the son of Patrick Cassidy and Melissa Hurley. Jack had been known for that all his life till he made a name for himself going onto NBC’s The Voice, wowing the judges and the audience. 

Jack Gordon Cassidy Age, Nationality, Wikipedia

Jack Gordon Cassidy comes from a family of great and somewhat legendary entertainers and was born on 16th August 1998 and he is 24 years old in 2022. He was born to the famous American actor and singer Patrick Cassidy and most popular actress and dancer Melissa Hurley. He is a full citizen of the United States of America. His grandparents are the ever-infamous Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones (paternal grandparents) and his paternal great-grandparents are Charlotte Cassidy, William Cassidy, Paul Jones and Marjorie Williams. 

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Coming from such a great lineage, it is no surprise Jack Gordon Cassidy wants to be a professional singer and song-writer and it is definitely no surprise he has such amazing vocals.

Jack is the youngest of two sons. He has an elder biological brother named Cole Patrick Cassidy. Cole is 27 years old and was born on the 31st of July, 1995.

Jack Gordon Cassidy Career

Jack Gordon Cassidy was just seven years when his parents discovered his singing talents and has been singing since then. When he was seven, he was on tour with his dad Patrick and while in the car, he joined his dad on tour and belted out the songs that were playing with an amazing voice bringing joy to his parents. Realizing this, like any good parent, his parents pushed his to work on his talents.  He later played piano. During his high school days, he also went on mission trips to Uganda and the Dominican Republic, where he played music and sang with children. “

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Jack Gordon Cassidy is currently at the opening of his musical career but seems to be doing great and already leaving a mark in the entertainment industry. In 2017, He blind auditioned on NBC’s The voice show, season 12 and left everyone in shock with his beautiful voice and not just his voice, but also because he was a member of The Cassidy Family.

He performed Joan Osborne’s ‘One Of Us’ on the show singing along with the keyboard. It was noticed by many that he avoided talking about his family links and lineage only discussing his love for music.  He chose Alicia Keys as his coach for the show and so was coached by her and DJ Khalid. he completed the show amongst the top 20.

Being surrounded by great singers and family who had successful careers, the Daily Mail stated that he had a hard time recognizing himself and owing to that, he had to travel to third-world countries on a soul-searching journey to discover himself. The journey was fruitful as he found that indeed, just like in his family, he his calling was singing.

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In addition to being an exceptional songster, Jack Gordon Cassidy is a staunch Christian and a hardworking one at that. Many have realized that Jack works tirelessly to fulfill his dreams and makes sure everything he does is original and credible. He always never forgets to give God all the credits for his successes and achievement. 

According to his Instagram biography, Jack is signed to Warner Chappel & Fair Trade and somewhere in December 2017, he released his first single named Emmanuel. He also went on a live tour to promote his new track, opening for Contemporary Christian musician Jeremy Camp.

Achieving so much just at the commencement of his career have made his paternal grandmother, Shirley Jones so proud of him. She is especially proud that he has earned himself a seat on The Voice which is a very great and popular show. 

Jack Gordon Cassidy’s Father

Patrick William Cassidy his dad was born on born January 4, 1962 and is currently 60 years old. Patrick Cassidy was born in Los Angeles, California to the most noteworthy Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy. In high school, Patrick was a great football player on the school’s football team but broke his collarbone while playing as a quarterback and so had to divert from his dreams.

Jack Gordon Cassidy's Father

We can’t all be footballers, right? Although it seems that was the best thing that happened to him, since it pushed him to discover his hidden talents in acting and singing. Patrick is well known and recognized by many for his roles in musical theatre and television. He has acted many movies and played many roles in various dramas distinguishing himself amongst others.

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Melissa Hurley, Jack’s mother is no different. Although she married into the family, Melissa has independently made her way to the top being a one-of-a-kind dancer and singer. Born on July 21st, 1966 in Vermont, in the USA, Melissa is 56 years old. She is best known for The Running Man (1987), Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) and Shakes the Clown (1991).

Jack Gordon Cassidy Girlfriend

So far, Jack is known to be single since there has not been any news on his relationships and the wannabe singer has not said anything about that. Though it is quite difficult to believe that a young, God-fearing, great singer like him is still single.

Indeed, he is on his way to becoming a fulfilling his dreams of being a professional singer/songwriter. A very famous and loved one. We hope to see more of him and that he continuous being God-fearing.

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