Veronica Mae Malkin : Facts About Michelle Malkin's Daughter

Veronica Mae Malkin is the daughter of Michelle Malkin. Veronica’s mother, Michelle Malkin is an American conservative political commentator, a former FOX News contributor and a writer. She is the owner of conservative websites Twitchy and Hot Air.

Veronica is the first born of her parents. In this article, we have all the facts you need to know about her. There is also information on who her parents are, including other important information. Keep reading to be informed!!

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Veronica Mae Malkin : Bio Summary

Full NameVeronica Mae Malkin
Famous asMichelle Malkin daughter
Age23 years old
Date of Birth1999
Place of Birth  United States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
Sibling Julian Daniel Malkin
Parents Mother : Michelle Malkin
Father : Jesse Malkin

Veronica Mae Malkin Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Michelle Malkin’s daughter, Veronica Mae Malkin was born in 1999 in the United States, exact location unknown and she is 23 years old in 2022. She is an American citizen and her ethnicity is white. She is the daughter of Michelle Malkin and her husband Jesse Malkin.

She was named ”Veronica”, after a saint in the New Testament, who helped Jesus Christ on his way to Calvary. The saint expressed strength and courage, and that was the reason her name was given to the daughter of a renowned political commentator and blogger.

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Veronica’s mother, Michelle attended Holy Spirit High School and later to attain her degree certificate at Oberlin College, but Veronica’s educational background has not been revealed to the public. Most of her personal information is unavailable to the media, maybe as a means to protect her.

Though nothing is known about Veronica’s educational background, it has been revealed that she is Mathematics wizard, inferring that she is very good at that. She also hates shallow people.

Veronica had a respiratory condition, costochondritis

Veronica in 2015, the medics found out that she was suffering from costochondritis. This was a devastating news to the family, but they all helped her to recover.

According to, the condition is in which the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone has an inflammation. The condition might look like a heart attack or any other heart conditions.

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She has had health issues since the day she was born. When Michelle Malkin’s daughter was born, she was suffering from jaundice and was also underweight. It was also revealed in an article posted on one of her mother’s blogs that, she did not cry when she was born.

Veronica Mae Malkin was bedridden for almost a year after she was diagnosed with costochondritis. Her condition made her shy and clingy, but she has learnt to overcome all that to become a courageous young woman. Read more on her health condition here.

Veronica Mae Malkin’s parents

Veronica is known to be the daughter of Michelle Malkin and Jesse Malkin. Her mother is a popular political commentator and a blogger, while her father Jesse was a associate policy analyst and economist for RAND Corporation.

Her mother, Michelle is a Republican, who has spoken on many matters concerning American politics. She has also written books and other publications on her political blogs. She won the Katz Award in 2016.

Jesse left his job due to some health complications to take care of his family, while his Michelle worked as an independent woman.

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Veronica Mae Malkin’s parents first met in 1991, when they were both students of Oberlin College. The two lovers started dating some time after they first met and got married in 1993.

Exactly six years after marriage, they had their first daughter, Veronica. For the records, she is not the only child the couple has, they also have another child called Julian Daniel Malkin. He is a younger brother of Veronica.

The whole family of four, currently live in Colorado, United States, where Jesse works on his wife’s speaking engagements and helps her run her business. Before the family left for Colorado, they used to live in North Bethesda.

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