Jonelle Rooney : Facts About Mickey Rooney's Daughter

Jonelle Rooney is one of the daughters of Mickey Rooney. Jonelle Rooney’s father, Mickey Rooney was an American actor, who had a career which spanned for nine decades. He was one of the actors who survived the silent film era.

In this article, you would find out so much information on Jonelle and how her life as a celebrity’s daughter has been.

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Who is Jonelle Rooney?

Jonelle Rooney was born to Carolyn Hockett and Mickey Rooney. Carolyn Hockett, Jonelle’s mother and her father, Mickey Rooney later parted ways, as they could not continue staying in the marriage. Mickey Rooney was forty-nine years when he became father to Jonelle Rooney on the 11th of January, in the year 1970. Jonelle has eight siblings: Jimmy Rooney , Kelly Ann Rooney , Kimmy Sue Rooney , Kerry Rooney , Teddy Rooney , Mickey Rooney , Michael Rooney and Tim Rooney

Jonelle Rooney career

Jonelle Rooney’s professional premiere was in 1999, when she decided to participate in multiple commercials for a insurance company named Garden State Life Insurance Company. Thereafter, Jonelle collaborated with Rainbow Puppet Productions and she opted to provide the voices for Mother Goose and the Master Toymaker in Pirate Party, a children’s program.

And presently, even in the major changes that have taken place, the musical is still actively present in many theaters.

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As for her father, Mickey Rooney, he served in the military for 21 months giving both the American and the European troops entertainment. Mickey also worked as a host on radio to the American Forces Network.

His huge contributions to the combat zones earned him the Bronze Star Medal as well as the Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign Medal, and European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal. Also the World War II Victory Medal was proposed for him.

The love life of Jonelle Rooney

Jonelle Rooney has not really had an exciting love life, as the general public are even unaware if she has one. It has not been disclosed that she is married or has children, but that of her father, Mickey Rooney’s love life seems quite intriguing. 

Mickey Rooney is said to have had married eight good times. He is the epitome of what believing in love really is! He also had twelve children.

Ava Gardener was the first lady he married. They had gotten married in 1942, when he was just 22 years old and she was 20 years. They soon divorced in 1943.

Jonelle Rooney’s father, Mickey second wife was Betty Jane Philips. She was a beauty queen from  Alabama and met her when he was stationed at a military.

Betty Jane and Mickey were blessed with two children, Mickey Jr. (1945) and Tim(1947). However, their marriage did not really last long, as they had to part ways in 1949.As for Betty, she got divorced once again after staying in seven years of marriage with Buddy Baker. She later on remarried Barney Kessel and they stayed together until her death in 2002 at age 72 due to stroke.

In June 1949, he tied the knot with the famous actress, Martha Vickers. Together, they had a son, of whom they named Teddy Rooney. Teddy was born on April 3, 1950. Sadly the couple had to divorce a year after their son Teddy was given birth to. Mrs. Martha Vickers proved to have moved on, when she remarried in 1954 to the actor, Manuel Rojas, they later divorced in 1965. Sadly, she passed on at the age of forty-six, due to her suffering from esophageal cancer.

Jonelle Rooney’s father got married once again, on October 18, 1952 to Elaine Devry, the actress famous  for her iconic roles in the Cheyenne Social Club, Herbie Rides and Diary of a Madman. They divorced on May 18, 1959.

Mickey got married for the fifth time to Carolyn Mitchell, who was actually called Mitchell Barbara Thomason by birth. Their story was a very tragic one.

They both had three children together. These three being; Kelly Ann Rooney born September 13, 1959; Kerry Rooney born December 30, 1960 and Kimmy Sue Rooney born September 13, 1963. At the time, Carolyn was a model, dance instruction, beauty queen, actress with whom he was married through 1958 to 1966. The marriage also produced a son, award-winning choreographer Michael Joseph Rooney.

The couple filed for a divorce officially on December 1965, after which 24-year-old Yugoslavian actor Milo Milosevics relocated to Brentwood house to live with Carolyn and her four children by Mickey. Carolyn was in a passionate relationship with Milosevics and in the midst of her divorce to Rooney. On January 31, 1966 Milosevics shot Barbara with Mickey Rooney’s own chrome-plated ,38 caliber revolver, then decided to kill himself also.

Carolyn’s four children were put into the custody of their grandparents in Inglewood.

On September 10, 1966 , Mickey got married once again, to a close friend of the late Carolyn, Margaret Lane. Sadly, they divorced two months after they had their wedding in Las Vegas.

Jonelle Rooney was born January 11, 1970 whom he fathered with seventh wife Carolyn Hockett. Jonelle’s parents were married through 1969 to 1975. Carolyn Hokett had a son, Jimmy before their marriage so, Mickey adopted him. Though the couple got married in Las Vegas on May 27, 1969 they had to divorced on January 24, 1975 due to financial instability(Jonelle’s mother was a secretary.)

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