Berlie Ray Dixon : Facts About Ivan Dixon's wife

Berlie Ray Dixon an actress and active performer. She was quite popular in her days for being the wife of Ivan Dixon. Berlie Ray Dixon’s husband, Ivan Dixon was an American actor, director, and producer.

It is said by many that during her time on earth, Berlie was loved by many and adored due to her great personal and compassion. “She was a beautiful soul”, as is how it was stated in her obituary.

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Berlie Ray Dixon : Bio Summary

Full NameBerlie Ray Dixon
Famous asWife of Ivan Dixon
Age88 years old at the time of death
Date of BirthApril 5th, 1930
Place of Birth  United States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
Children Ivan IV, N’Gai Christopher, Alan Kimara Dixon; and Doris Nomathande Dixon
HusbandIvan Dixon

Berlie Ray Dixon Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Berlie Ray Dixon was given birth to on April 5th, 1930, in Baden, North Carolina in the United States of America. The identity of her birth parents is not known and details of he childhood life is not available, however, we do have a little information on it. Berlie, although born in Baden was raised in New Bern, North Carolina.

She achieved her secondary and tertiary level of education attending and graduating from West Street High School in 1948 and then from what is now North Carolina Central University in 1952. She was known to be a very smart and studious student who “excelled academically and showed great talent in the dramatic arts.”

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After Berlie Ray Dixon graduated, as a Rockefeller Scholar, she decided to further her education in theatre and so moved to Cleveland, Ohio to study theatre at Western Reserve University. Alongside studying, Berlie performed actively at a well-known Karamu House where she was also a director and educator. She also dedicated her time developing the Children’s Theatre there.

After being joined by her newly wedded husband at Karamu, in 1955 she graduated as one of the first African Americans to receive a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Western Reserve.

Berlie Ray Dixon’s career

After graduating, Berlie moved to New York City with her husband and continued to work with her youth, producing shows that united at-risk teens from various boroughs. Again, she also moved tpoLos Angeles to start building a family and a home alongside her career. All while building her home, she continued in her passion in the theatre as an and a director of various children’s theatre groups and large-scale variety shows.

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However, during the late 1980s Berlie Ray Dixon went back to her work with at-risk youth, helping educate and employ hundreds of young people as a recruiter for the Los Angeles Job Corps. Her love for children and the youth drove her passion to help, educate and train then in every way she could.

Although combining acting, producing, dancing, creating a family and training young people is not an easy task, Berlie is known to have done it gracefully in a manner that put all in awe.

Berlie Ray Dixon Marriage and Ivan Dixon had four children

Berlie was the first and only wife of Ivan Dixon as he was her first and only spouse.  Ivan was Berlie’s college sweetheart and so on 1 Jun 1954 in Durham County, North Carolina, USA, right after Ivan graduated from North Carolina Central University, he married Berlie Ray, who was by then a theatre student at Western Reserve University. During their fifty-four (54) years together, the couple were blessed with 4 children by name; Ivan IV, N’Gai Christopher, Alan Kimara Dixon; and Doris Nomathande Dixon. The first three sons and the last one a daughter.

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Berlie Ray Dixon’s husband, Ivan Nathaniel Dixon III was born on April 6th, 1931. Ivan was an American actor, director, and producer mostly recognized for the roles he played in the 1960s sitcom Hogan’s Heroes, and for his starring roles in the 1964 independent drama Nothing But a Man and the 1967 television film The Final War of Olly Winter.

As a director, he directed many episodes of television series which made a hit and was loved by many. As a black man in a racially biased century, he was active in the civil rights movement since 1961, and served as one of the presidents of Negro Actors for Action during his time. Ivan was also described as an Earth based animation director, illustrator and designer known for traditional hand drawn and pixel art styles.

Berlie Ray Dixon passed away at age 88

After living quite a fulfilled life, Berlie gave up the ghost on 9th February, 2019 at the age of 88 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, in the USA. She was preceded in death however by her lovely husband and two of her sons, Ivan Dixon III and N’Gai Christopher Dixon.

Her husband Ivan Dixon died on March 16th, 2008, 11 years before she died. Ivan died at the age of 76, at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, of complications from kidney failure. He also was preceded in death by their two sons Ivan Dixon IV and N’Gai Christopher Dixon. 

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Berlie is survived by her son Alan Kimara Dixon and daughter Doris Nomathande Dixon. 

She requested that no services be planned for her death and so per her request, none were planned. 

Her obituary gives little to no information about her and the same applies to many websites that have written about her, however, there is one outstanding statement that is seen almost everywhere her name is seen, “Berlie was a beautiful soul who was dearly loved by many.”

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