Ana Maria Oleaga : Facts About Amara La Negra's mother

Ana Maria Oleaga is a successful mother, cook and the mother of Amara La Negra. Ana Maria Oleaga’s daughter, Amara La Negra is an American singer, actress, dancer, author and television host who is widely known for her participation in the reality television show, Love and Hip Hop : Miami.

In this article , you would get to know much about this woman, what exactly she does, how she rise to fame, her net worth and other interesting things about her life.

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Ana Marie Oleaga : Bio Summary

Full NameAna Marie Oleaga
Famous asAmara La Negra’s mother
Age62 years old in2022
Date of BirthMay 23, 1960
Place of BirthDominican Republic
Zodiac signUnknown
Children Diana Danelys De Los Santos

Ana Maria Oleaga Age, Nationality, Birthplace, Wikipedia

Ana Maria Oleaga( Ana stem from Spanish-Portuguese  meaning Grace) popularly referred to as  Mami Ana also gained popularity from being the mother of the dark skinned beauty, Amara La Negra.Mami

Ana Maria Oleaga was born May 23, 1960 and she is 62 years old in 2022. She was born in the Dominican Republic. She is an Afro-Latina immigrant/Dominican immigrant to the United States from the Dominican Republic. Nothing is known about who her parents are, but there is a high chance that they are from the Dominican Republic too.

She is famous for being the mother of Diana Danelys De Los Santos, who is widely known as Amara La Negra.

Ana, being a single mother, she was the one in charge of the upbringing of her daughter, Amara, had to go in for many jobs and labor mindlessly with all efforts, geared towards saving up enough to cater and nurture her daughter to the best of her capacity as well as meet her many needs.

She is an up-to-date mother, as she is also active in social networking sites. Her followers on Instagram account are 43.2 thousand people and the Twitter account is private.

Ana Maria Oleaga’s’ career life

Ana Maria Oleaga gained the attention of many hence,immense popularity when she took up the supporting role in the sensational, In a Love & Hip Hop: Miami star. However, her appearance was just for a short while. Ana is not only skilled at acting, but also is a professional cook in a local restaurant at Miami.

The daughter of Maria Oleaga, Amara La Negra is successfully living her dream as an American actress, singer, dancer, and author. 

Likewise, her career began very early. It started out as she being a four year old musician on the Spanish lnguage television program.She had joined an all-girl group, which faced their fair share of drama and struggles. Finally, the ghroup saw that it was only right to split up, based on the way things were moving.  

As an upcoming musician in 2013, she released her debut single song, Ayy which really was successful, considering the amount of support she got, especially from the Latina market . The song made it as one of the best in the year 2013.

In Love & Hip Hop, She appeared with her mother(this was in 2018). The following year, 2019, she brought out her stiudio album, Unstoppable. In a BET Spanish movie called Fall Girls, Amara La Negra appeared as a leading actress. 

Amara  La Negra and her mum, Ana Maria Oleaga since then have really been putting in so much effort into their career and building themselves up and have hence gained popularity and the applauds of many.

For Amara, the beginning of her career was quite rocky, considering the struggles of being the race she was, her skin color and several other societal stereotypes. But Amara and her mother braved on and shut down all haters by proving their worth through tangible deeds of excellence. They are very success oriented and goal driven.

Love life and family of Ana Maria Oleaga

In terms of love life, Mrs. Ana Maria Oleaga is still single as not much has been said about Amara’s father.As for Amara. she broke up dramatically with her then boyfriend, Allan Mueses .He is a real estate broker and the father to her twin girls. Now much has not been said about hetr relationship.


What is Ana Maria Oleaga’s net worth?

Ana Maria Oleaga has an approximate net worth of five hundred thousand US dollars as of 2020. Since she is a professional cook, her is is quite stable. ‘A cook based on local restaurants of Miami gets an annual salary from $55,757 to $79,118. Her hard work and struggles paid to raise her well. Currently, she is not only wealthy but also a famous figure as well, according to the internet. 

Moreover, Ana’s daughter is all grown up and has an excellent net worth of $2 million. Thus, she might not need to spend too much on her daughter due to which she can save more amount for her net worth. 

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