Taesha Beynon : Facts About Travers Beynon's Wife

Taesha Beynon is the wife of Travers Beynon. Taesha Beynon’s husband, Travers Beynon is an Australian business man, a former model and footballer, who is popular for showcasing his lavish lifestyle on his Instagram page.

Taesha is the only wife among the plethora of a dozen girlfriends of Travers Beynon who is popularly known as “ The Candyman.”

Who is Taesha Beynon, Travers Beynon’s wife?

With all the information out there about her marriage, love life and children, it seems there is no information about her early life. Taesha Beynon has been extremely secretive about her family and all that is connected to her. Though her age is not certain, as of 08th April 2019, per an interview with Rebecca Shepherd, Taesha was 27 years old. We can safely say that she is about 30 years old now. Which is 20 years younger than Travers.

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One could say she is young enough to be his daughter. Apart from this, there almost no information there about her childhood.

Known by many as the Australian Dan Bilzerian, Travers Luke Beynon was born on 6th March, 1972 and is currently 50 years of age. Travis hails from Melbourne, in Australia and is the son of the ever so famous and wealthy couple Trevor Beynon and Sandra Beynon.

Taesha Beynon career

There have been lots of interviews with Taesha but never has she mentioned having a career, job or a profession. It seems she is a housewife who stays home to take care of the place. Then again, with such a rich and hardworking man as a husband, I doubt she’d ever have to work a day in her life and she looks quite satisfied with her life. 

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Her husband Travers is an American businessman, model and former footballer. He is also the current business owner and Managing Director of FREECHOICE Australia, the number one leading retail tobacconist franchise with over 304 stores (272 franchise and 32 Company owned) plus a vending operation with more than 1300 machines nationwide.

Taesha Beynon and Travers Beynon marriage

 Taesha as stated earlier is married to Travers Beynon. Now their marriage is a special type of marriage and sometimes people wonder if it even qualifies as a marriage but well. If it does, then it would be more of a polygamous marriage  than a monogamous one seeing as she shares her “matrimonial bed” with a wide array of different women who come and go as the seasons do.  A lot of people call it an “open marriage.”  A very open one. 

Taesha Beynon met her husband when she was 18 years old

Taesha Beynon and Travers met when she was about eighteen (18) years old. Per her husband Travers, he met her when she was 18 and working at one of his parties as a hostess. And it was there that he got interested. “I disclosed exactly what I was all about, how it’s going to evolve and the Candy Shop Mansion.” he said. She then told him that she kissed a lot of girls. Indirectly letting him know she was also into girls and did not mind.

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Taesha tied the knot with Travers in 2008, after his divorce with his first wife, former Miss Venezuela and Miss World winner, Ninibeth Beatriz Jiminez Leal, with whom he had two kids named Lucciana Beynon and Valentino Beynon. 

Taesha Beynon’s children with Travers Beynon

Taesha has also given Travers two kids named Velicia Beynon and Serafina Beynon. She together with Travers, her kids and her step children whom Travers gained sole custody of about nine years ago live together in their mansion known as “ The Candy Shop Mansion.” A party and entertainment palace that would put Sodom and Gomorrah to shame. 

Taesha and Travers share a girlfriend, the “main girlfriend” named Nisha Downes, who is like a second wife only without the ring and “wife” title. 

 The most surprising thing about Taesha’s marriage is not the fact that she is also into women, no. It is the fact that Travers said that there were often times when she, Taesha,  would see a pretty girl in the street and she would text him about the girl, as reported by Travers. That never ceases to amaze people as it should.

Even with the constant backlash from people and the media this couple seem too busy enjoy their “perfect” life that they do not care about the things people say about them which trust me, is not pretty at all. Travers has been described by a lot as someone who “objectifies women, encourages the resurrection of the alpha male, an immoral sex machine and a casual Playboy” amongst others and as for Taesha, you would not even want to know.

Travers Beynon Net Worth 2022

As at 2019, Travers’ net worth was known to be 20 million dollars and with his hard work and knack for making money, it would be no surprise it it has increased madly over the past few years.

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