Kennie Marie Titus : Facts About Christopher Titus' Daughter

Kennie Marie Titus is the daughter of Christopher Titus. Kennie Marie Titus’ father, Christopher Titus is a well known American comedian and actor. He also known for his appearances on some number of podcasts.

In this article, you will find out nuggets of information on Kennie Marie Titus and what she has been up to recently.

Kennie Marie Titus : Bio Summary

Full NameKennie Marie Titus
Famous asDaughter of Christopher Titus
Age21 years old
Date of BirthAugust 25, 2001
Place of Birth  United States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
ParentsFather : Christopher Todd Titus
Mother : Erin Carden

Kennie Marie Titus Age, Wikipedia

Kennie Marie Titus was born on Saturday, 25th August, 2001and she is 21 years old in 2022. She was born to Erin Carden and Christopher Titus. Although much has not been said about her childhood, a lot has been written extensively on her dad. 

Christopher Titus was born on 1st October, 1964. This took place at Castro Valley in California, USA. His early life was quite rough for a child. His dad was not the best of dads, he was a womanizer and beer-addict. Though, he had a profession as a salesman. His biological parents were separated, and he had to stay with his father.

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 For a long while, he had to bare with staying with his father as many women came into his life and out. When everything became overbearing and heartbreaking, he had to flee to his mother, who was then living in a garage as a classically trained pianist. Quite tragically, his mum committed suicide after being taken severally to mental institutions.

Back to the life of Kennie Marie Titus, it was a beautiful sight to behold when she was born, apparently, she weighed  7 1/2lbs and was named after her dad’s father. Kennie has a younger brother, Jett Evan. There is not much information on him.

Love Life and Family of Kennie Marie Titus

The love life of Kennie Marie Titus is no exception to the long list of information hidden from the public eye. Her father’s love life however, is a bit intriguing. So, Christopher Titus walked down the aisle with Erin Carden 17th April, 1991. Sadly, for some reasons which Titus explained hilariously in one of his stand-ups, they had to part ways, after being blessed with two beautiful children.

Much on a brighter note, Christopher found love again and tied the knot with Rachel Bradley in 2013.

Kenny Marie Titus’ father

Since Kennie is a very private person, very little information has released about her . Even concerning her career, nothing has been publicized. As for her dad, Christopher Titus so much has been said about his career.

His stand up comedies are based his real life stories, and he put them in a way not to offend his audience but make them laugh out loud.

Love is Evol was performed based on his divorce with his former wife, Erin. He spoke about how the marriage went downhill, the pain involved in divorce proceedings, the reasons why he though people remain stuck or glued to an abusive partner, meeting someone new and how dating feels after not doing so in so long. It was recorded on October 28 yet they aired it on February 14, 2009.

Neverlution was also about politics and the new generation . It was debuted at Montreal Comedy festival in 2010 . Also, Comedy Central had gotten to release a double CD of Neverlution on June 28, 2011.

The Voices in My Head was also a wonderful stand up act, which was previously called Scarred for Life(was changed in November, 2012), it was later changed Epic fail(was changed in January 2013) then changed to The Voices in My Head. This one was about all Kenny Marie Titus’ father, Christopher Titus’ successes and failures in life . This includes his major firsts, such as his first job etc. This one especially saw much success. 

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Angry Pursuit Of Happiness was another epic stand up act, which was filmed on September 27, 2014 in Santa Barbara. It was brought to the public for sale on his website on December 5, 2014. And to much to everyone’s expectation, it was quite satisfactory.

Christopher Titus also delved into podcasting . 

It all started on January 28, 2011 as a co-host to a program titled Christopher Titus Podcast with his new wife, Rachel Bradley.

His old friend, Tommy, also joined him in October 2012 as a co-host.

Jeff Fox , a man who worked with Adam Carolla Network, joined in with a co-hosting stingt before hde finally parted ways in January 2014. Christopher Titus had a half-brother called Willie Jello Johnson. Willie Johnson took up the position as a third voice on the show until Christopher Titus revealed that he was only a fictional character by himself.

Kennie Marie Titus net worth

Since Kennie Marie seems to still be under her dad, it is safe to say her net worth should be equivalent to his. With Christopher’s booming career and net worth of about two million dollars, it is assured that Kennie is living the life every girl must have once desired.

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