Lorelei Hutch : Facts About Jesse Hutch's Wife

Lorelei Hutch is popularly known as the wife of Jesse Hutch. The said Jesse Hutch is a Canadian actor and is mostly remembered for his role as Jimmy Riley in the iconic NBC series, American Dreams.

Lorelei seems to be living her best life, as she and Jesse have been married a for over ten years, have built a family together and are boxing on in terms of career.

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Lorelei Hutch : Bio Summary

Full NameLorelei Hutch
Famous asJesse Hutch wife
AgeNot available
Date of BirthNot Available
Place of Birth  United States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
Children Three (3)
HusbandJesse Hutch

Who is Lorelei Hutch, Jesse Hutch’s wife?

Lorelei Hutch, has left her date of birth and birth place undisclosed. Her husband, Jesse Hutch has also not hinted the media on information concerning her birth parents, place or date.

She has also left most part of her early life hidden from the public eye, for instance the place she schooled is undisclosed and even the family she was from before cleaving in marriage with her husband. 

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This has therefore made it quite impossible to tell how her childhood was like and if she had any siblings.

Jesse Hutch on the other hand is actually called Jesse Hutchakowski. He was born on 12th February, 1981 in Alberta, Canada. He is currently 41 years old.

Lorelei Hutch Career

Jesse Hutch’s wife, Lorelei’s profession is not known, though, that of her husband, Jesse Hutch is quite widespread. Aside being an actor, he doubles as a director and has directed many movies worldwide. He is known to mostly act movies with the romantic comedy genre and can be found in movies like “Christmas in Toyland”, “Let it Snow”, “My birthday romance”, “Love on the Road” and many other amazing movies.

He is a well-known stuntman who performs his own stunts very beautifully and effortlessly. As mentioned previously, American Dreams was the movie that shot the actor into stardom.

Everything about Lorelei Hutch and Jesse Hutch’s marriage

Lorelei and Jesse tied the knot on May 29, 2009. Since then, things as far as the public has observed have been progressively blissful. They have together held it together 13 years and it is safe to say the are more years of marital happiness ahead.

Wondering how the two lovers met? We have your answer. The lovers met at a house party. Jesse revealed that he did not want to attend the party at first, but later did. He has to thank his stars, as the party made him meet the love of his life in the person of Lorelei Hutch.

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They have raised three charming children, of which the first two are boys, and the last one, a girl. The names of the children have not yet been unveiled to the public, yet they have been seen severally on their father’s socials and at several places together, spending some quality family time.

Initially, all three of the children were homeschooled by Jesse Hutch’s wife, Lorelei, but they later took the big decision to blend them in with other kids in a traditional school. A lot of effort and research was put into finding the perfect school that paid undisturbed attention and meticulously nurture each child with gentle guidance. According to Jesse Hutch, they have found a suitable school and the children are well-cared for.

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According to Hutch, He and his wife Lorelei are in constant communication and agree with each other whenever it comes to making some really huge decisions. This easily accounts for their thriving marriage which has successfully been balanced with the career of Jesse Hutch. The family seem to enjoy sticking together on travels and even some other gatherings.

To Lorelei and her husband family should always take utmost priority as it is more important than anything. In Jesse’s words, “We’re always growing together and we’re always learning together.”

How much is Lorelei Hutch worth?

Lorelei Hutch’s husband, Jesse Hutch is a millionaire with about two million dollars net worth. As for Lorelei Hutch, personally, her net worth has not been disclosed.

Looking at the amount of money Jesse has been making through his booming career, it is obvious that the life of Lorelei is what a lot of people will call, the dream life.

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