Sarah Fisher Blythe : Truth About Randy Blythe's Daughter

Sarah Fisher Blythe was the daughter of Randy Blythe. Sarah Fisher Blythe’s father, Randy Blythe is an American vocalist, known widely by most as the lead singer and lyricist of a heavy metal band called The Lamb of God. Though he is a lead vocalist for the Lamb of God band, he has also worked with many different bands as a guest vocalist.

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Sarah Fisher Blythe did not spend more than even a day on this earth. You probably do not understand what this means, so keep reading to know the full gist the daughter of Randy Blythe.

Sarah Fisher Blythe : Bio Summary

Full NameSarah Fisher Blythe
Famous asRandy Blythe Daughter
AgeShe died four hours after her birth
Date of Birth2000
Place of Birth  United States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
Siblings Zero
ParentsFather : Randy Blythe
Mother : Cindy Blythe

When was Sarah Fisher Blythe born?

Sarah Fisher Blythe, Randy Blythe’s daughter, was born in the year 2000, but died just four hours after her birth. The reason for her death was not announced by her parents. It might have been due to some complicated childbirth issues. Sarah was the daughter of Randy Blythe and his wife, Cindy Blythe. The couple do not have any children yet, after the death of Sarah.

Her father Randy, said he had nothing but his family’s sympathy after her death. He said this after he was charged for manslaughter in 2010. (There will be more on this story later in the article).

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There are no detail on the education, career and other personal information about Sarah Fisher Blythe because she barely existed. She spent only four hours on this earth. She would have been an American citizen and of the white ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is unknown, since her exact date of birth is unknown.

“hey ya’ll- The lyrics were not in the booklet because they were to my daughter (who was unborn at the time of writing the lyrics.). They will never be published. She died after four short hours of life. R.I.P. Her name was Sarah Fisher Blythe. I hope this explains this song to everyone…” Randy wrote this.

Sarah Fisher Blythe’s parents

Sarah, who died just few hours after her birth, was the daughter of popular vocalist Randy Blythe and his wife, Cindy Blythe.

Her father, Randy was a roofer and a cook, who started his musical career at a time when the band now called The Lamb of God was called Burn The Priest, in 1995. He has born in February 1971 and is 51 years old now. He was born in Franklin, Virginia in the United States. His career has been active from 1995 till date.

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In June 2012, Sarah Fisher Blythe’s father was charged with manslaughter of his 19 year old fan, who died after Randy shoved him off the stage when the band was performing in Czech Republic. He was jailed for five weeks, but eventually he was released and acquitted of all the charges leveled against him.

Sarah’s mother is also called Cindy Blythe. Much of her personal information is unknown, because her claim to fame is her marriage to the metal singer, Randy. According to her Instagram, she is a jeweler and sells rings and earrings. Cindy has brown-light hair and eyes. Her nationality is American.

Randy Blythe and Cindy Blythe, Sarah Fisher Blythe’s parents got married September 10, 2005 and have been together for more than seventeen years now. They got married in a small wedding ceremony in North Carolina, United States. The only child the couple has ever had is Sarah.

Sarah has become one of those celebrity kids who died as little babies. Her memory is still fresh in her parents mind everyday.

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