Freda Choy Kitt : Facts About Charles McGraw's wife

Freda Choy Kitt was the wife Charles McGraw. Freda’s husband, Charles McGraw was an American stage, film and television actor who had a career span of over three decades, from 1944 to 1977. He is widely remembered for his role in Spartacus (1960) and A Boy And His Dog. He was married once in his lifetime and that was to Freda.

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Freda Choy Kitt : Bio Summary

Full NameFreda Choy Kitt
Famous asCharles McGraw wife
Date of BirthN/A
Place of Birth  United States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
Children One
HusbandPossibly single

Who was Charles McGraw’s wife, Freda Choy Kitt?

Charles McGraw’s wife, Freda Choy Kitt was the daughter of Julia McCarty and Frank Koy-Kitt, who were English citizens. She was the only daughter and child of her parents. She did not reveal much information on her family, but she grew up in England.

There is no information on her educational background, but according to a biography on her husband, McGraw’s life, Charles McGraw: Biography of a Film Noir Tough Guy, it was stated that she worked as a Parisian Hat designer. It was also noted that she worked in a Chinese.

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She seemed like a private person and did not reveal much much about her life. Her claim to fame was her marriage to the renowned actor, Charles.

How did Freda Choy Kitt and Charles McGraw meet?

You might be wondering how the two lovers met? Freda Choy Kitt and Charles McGraw first met in a West End Chinese restaurant, where Freda worked. Charles was captivated by the beauty of the Eurasian woman, Freda.

After their first meeting, they kept connected and started dating. A book written by Alan K. Rode described Freda as cultured, graceful and delicate.

Freda Choy Kitt and Charles McGraw got married in 1938

Freda and her husband, Charles after their first meeting in a Chinese Restaurant, they started dating till they got married in 1938. There is no information on exact date they started dating till marriage.

Freda had spent most of her childhood in a convent and Charles was her first serious boyfriend and husband. The wedding ceremony of the couple took place on October 12, 1938.

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Immediately after the ceremony, the couple traveled to the United States and settled in New York City. As a young couple in New York City, Freda Choy Kitt and her husband experienced a lot of hardship and struggled to make ends meet.

The struggling couple welcomed their first and only child, Jill Julia McGraw on September 11, 1941. At that time, Charles was earning $30 daily for his appearance in plays.

He decided to try his luck in Hollywood so he could better the life of his small family. His success in Hollywood helped him provide for himself and his family.

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Freda and his husband, Charles Graham lived together until their divorce in 1968, thirty years after marriage. The reason for their divorce was not made public. They both stayed single until their death.

Freda Choy Kitt’s husband, Charles McGraw cause of death

How did Freda Choy Kitt and Charles McGraw meet?

Freda’s husband, Charles died in his home in Studio City, California after he slipped in his bathroom and fell through a glass shower door. The fall caused him several cuts and a gash to his arm that severed his brachial artery. Paramedics found him dead from severe bleeding.

He died July 29, 1980 at age 66. His death occurred three years after his retirement from acting. His career spanned from 1942 to 1977.

Some of his movie credits include The Undying Monster (1942) as Strud Strudwick, The Moon Is Down (1943) as Ole, Tonight We Raid Calais (1943) as German Corporal They Came to Blow Up America (1943) as Zellerbach, Two Tickets to London (1943) as Hendrik, Mechanized Patrolling (1943) Corvette K-225 (1943) as Chief Engineer, The Impostor (1944) as Menessier, The Seventh Cross (1944) as Allbright, The Killers (1946) as Al, The Farmer’s Daughter (1947) as Fisher, Finley’s Henchman.

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