Phyllis Marie Pesha : Facts About Hank Stram's wife

Phyllis Marie Pesha was the wife of Hank Stram. Phyllis Marie Pesha’s husband, Hank Stram, whose full name is Henry Louis Stram, was an American football coach. He is popularly remembered for his 15 years tenure as head coach of Dallas Texans / Kansas City Chiefs of the American Football League and National Football League.

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Phyllis Marie Pesha and Hank Stram marriage

Phyllis Marie was married to Hank Stram and he was the first and only husband of Phyllis. The couple said their vows in a lovely ceremony before friends, family and loved ones in the year 1953 on 26th November at a venue that unfortunately was hidden from the eye of the media and  was not made known to the public.

One thing people ask about is how Phyllis met her former husband and how they got together. Sadly, that piece of information also has been hidden from the public. Details about her marriage to Hank has been kept a secret from the public. 

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After Phyllis Marie Pesha got married to Hank in 1953, the duo stayed together in marriage as husband and wife, enjoying about fifty-two (52) years together till Hank died due to health complications leaving his family behind. 

During her time together with Hank, Phyllis gave birth to six children, all biological kids of Hank. Four sons and two daughters which includes the famous American actor, Henry Stram. Their kids are; Dale Stram, Henry Stram, Gary Stram, Stuart Stram, Julia Stram, Mary Stram and as at 2005, she had three granddaughters named Hanna, Ava and Sophia Stram all of Kansas City.

Phyllis’ husband, Hank Stram died of diabetes complications

When her husband Hank Stram finally retired from broadcasting in ’96. He moved his family to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he built a home in the town of Covington sometime in 1977 and that’s where he spent his last years living together with Phyllis and their kids.

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Nine years after his retirement, Hank died at St. Tammany Parish hospital in Covington on the 4th of July, 2005. As per the reports, he from complications due to diabetes. Phyllis made her husband’s burial service a private one which had only close family and a few close friends attending.

After her husband died, Phyllis Marie Pesha was scarcely seen around or at any functions. She became even more private and she is believed to be currently single.

Who was Hank Stram’s wife, Phyllis Marie Pesha?

Phyllis has always been a private person who preferred to live her life in secret and out of the limelight. She has not made her early life and family background available to the public. Her maiden name however is Phyllis Marie Pesha which changed when she got married to her deceased husband. Information about her parents, family, date of birth, place of birth and even her birthday is not known by anyone due to her quest for secrecy.

Facts about Phyllis Marie Pesha’s husband

Hank her husband, was originally born as Henry Louis Stram on 3rd January, 1923 in Chicago in the United States of America. He was born to a Polish man named Henry Wilczek who was a professional wrestler. His father used to wrestle under the name Stram and so along the line, his surname was changed from Wilczek to Stram. 

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He later grew up in Gary, Indiana, in USA and attended Lew Wallace High School where he graduated with class of 1941. Sometime later, the school renamed their football stadium press box in his honor.

While in the university, he earned seven letters playing football and baseball and joined the Sigma Chi fraternity at Purdue in the 1940s. He played in 1942 and then in 1946 and 1947. 

During his university education, he was stationed to serve in the United States Army Air Forces during World War II, interrupting his education and career.

Phyllis Marie Pesha career

As stated above, Phyllis’ personal information apart from information relating to her husband can not be accessed anywhere on the internet and can’t be found.

Her husband Hank was a baseball coach who switched to coaching football and was really known for his great coaching. He started as an assistant football coach for the Boilermakers from 1948 to 1955 and then became the head baseball coach from 1951 to 1955. In 1959 he was recruited to coach the Dallas Texans in the new AFL. The team rebranded as Kansas City Chiefs in 1963, making more and more wins with Hank as their coach. 

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In 1976, he became the head coach of the New Orleans Saints. 

After years of coaching, he retired and started a career in broadcasting, working for CBS in 1975 and staying in that industry through till 1996 when he finally retired. All through his career, Phyllis was by his side being a great and doting wife and mother.

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