Daria Zelenoff : Facts About Charlie Zelenoff's Wife

Daria Zelenoff is the wife of Charlie Zelenoff. Daria Zelenoff’s husband, Charlie Zelenoff is an internet troll in the boxing world. He become popular by being beaten by renowned boxer, Deontay Wilder after the former had insulted Wilder’s family and also used the N-word on the renowned boxer.

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Daria Zelenoff : Bio Summary

Full NameDaria Darina Zelenoff
Famous asCharlie Zelenoff wife
Date of BirthN/A
Place of Birth Ukraine
Zodiac signUnknown
Children Unknown
HusbandCharlie Zelenoff

Daria Zelenoff Age, Birthplace, Wikipedia

Daria Zelenoff has not revealed any information concerning her age, her husband Charlie, who is has become famous for his numerous internet trolling was born July 28, 1988 and he is 34 years old in 2022. Daria was born in Ukraine and her ethnicity is white.

She has not revealed any information on her parents or anything about her family, but with her Ukrainian origin we can conclude her parents are from Ukraine as well. Her husband Charlie, is an American citizen but he has Russian roots. This maybe that either both his parents or one is from Russia.

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Daria has a blonde hair and her eyes are dark brown. She has a beautiful body stature and looks very healthy, looking from the pictures of her on the internet.

Details on Daria’s educational background and career is unknown. She seem like a very private person and has hidden herself from the public eye. Her claim to fame is her marriage to Charlie Zelenoff.

Daria Zelenoff and Charlie Zelenoff marriage

Daria and her husband, Charlie have been married for sometime now but there is no information on the exact date and place they got married. Their marriage might have happened at a time when Charlie was not popular on the internet, hence lack of information on the marriage.

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There is no information on whether the couple have any children together. There seem to be literally no information on their marriage on the internet.

In September 2021, an anonymous page on Instagram claimed Daria, whose fill name is Daria Darina had ”dumped” Charlie Zelenoff. This information has not been confirmed by any of the couple and therefore is regarded false.

At the moment, we can say Daria and Charlie are still together as wife and husband.

Daria Zelenoff’s husband got beaten by Deontay Wilder

Daria Zelenoff’s husband Charlie Zelenoff is known to troll boxers on the internet. He once trolled Deontay Wilder on the internet and even went to the extent of disrespecting his family. Charlie also used the N-word on the well refined boxer.

Charlie could have stopped there, but he took it to another level by visiting Deontay Wilder’s training gym. He went ahead to sign a waiver to have a fight with Deontay. Fighting against one of the best boxers in the world, was the biggest mistake Charlie made. He got the beating of his life in that boxing gym.

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There fight was recorded and posted on YouTube, with many fans and viewers were in favor of Deontay Wilder and praised how he settled the troll issue.

After the incident with Deontay, everyone thought he would learn a lesson and move on but that was not the case. Daria’s husband, Charlie went on to fight with Floyd Mayweather Snr. In this fight, Charlie was beaten by the great boxing coach.

Daria Zelenoff social media

As a very private person that she is, she is not active on any social media platform. Her husband Charlie on the other hand is very active on the internet and has used it to his advantage.

In fact, it is social media that made Charlie famous. His random posting of his fights, got him popular on the internet. Most of his videos went viral.

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Before Daria’s husband became an internet troll, he was a professional boxer who fought in the welterweight division. He quit fighting professionally after losing to another boxer called Andrew Hartley.

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