Gina Rivadenegry : Facts About Ethan Wayne's Ex-wife

Gina Rivadenegry is the ex-wife of Ethan Wayne. Gina Rivadenegry’s ex-husband, Ethan Wayne is an American actor and son of actor John Wayne with his third wife, Pilar Pillete. Ethan’s major film appearances were in 1981, in a comedy screamer Longshot and the film Slasher.

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Gina is the only woman Ethan has ever been married to. After their divorce, he has been single ever. Gina is one of the individuals who rose to due to their marriage to famous people. She is also known as a Latin drama actress.

Gina Rivadenegry : Bio Summary

Full NameGina Rivadenegry
Famous asEx-wife of Ethan Wayne
Date of BirthN/A
Place of Birth United States of America
Zodiac signN/A
Children N/A
HusbandPossibly single

Gina Rivadenegry and Ethan Wayne’s one year marriage

Gina and her ex-husband Ethan Wayne got married in 1989 in a small wedding attended by their friends and family. Their marriage ended in a divorce after a year in 1990. There are no known children from the marriage. An online publication indicated that they had two children, but there are no proofs to confirm the information. The reason of divorce was never made public.

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During the former lovers one year marriage, they were seen mostly together in public. They were seen together during John Wayne File Photos, United States. They were also seen together during CBS TV Affiliates Dinner Celebration at Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

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After the couple parted ways, nothing was heard of Gina Rivadenegry, who rose to fame for her marriage to Ethan. There is no information on her whereabout, neither is there any information on whether she got married again. She seem like someone who loves to stay low key and has gone away from the media.

Ethan Wayne on the other hand has been around and in the news for various reasons. He has not been married after his divorce from Gina. There are no known children of his. He is possibly singe at the moment.

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Gina Rivadenegry ex-husband, Ethan Wayne

Ethan, whose full name is John Ethan Morrison, is the youngest son of famous American actor and filmmaker John Wayne. Ethan’s father John Wayne is popular for starring in movie roles during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Ethan Wayne : Bio Summary

Full NameJohn Ethan Morrison
Famous asEx-husband of Gina Rivadenegry
Age60 years old
Date of BirthFebruary 22, 1961
Place of Birth  United States of America
Zodiac signPisces
Children No children
WifePossibly single

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Ethan made his debut in his acting career by playing the grandson of his father in a movie titled Technicolor. He is also known for playing the role of a stuntman in the movie, The Return of The Living Dead. He started doing stunts after the death of his father. After this he went off acting for a while due to unknown reasons.

Gina Rivadenegry’s ex-husband returned to acting later and stared in many notable movies. Some of these movies include Escape From El Diablo, The Last Embrace, To Tell The Truth, The Blues Brothers, etc.

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He finally retired from acting in 2003. His career spanned from 1970-2003. Ethan now works as the president of ”John Wayne Enterprises” and also as director of ”John Wayne Cancer Foundation”.

Summary of the facts about Gina Rivadenegry

  • Gina is the only woman Ethan Wayne has ever been married to
  • She is a Latin opera drama actress
  • She did not have any children with Ethan
  • She was married to Ethan for only one year.
  • Her ex-husband is the son of John Wayne and Pilar Pillete
  • She has been missing from the internet after her divorce with Ethan
  • She is possibly single.

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