Catherine Linda Martinez : Facts About Mike Love's ex-wife

Catherine Linda Martinez is one of the ex-wives of Mike Love. Catherine Linda Martinez’s ex-husband Mike Love is an American singer and songwriter, who co-founded popular rock Beach Boys with his cousins. His career has been active from 1961 till date and has worked on hit records like ”Fun, Fun, Fun”, ‘‘I Get Around”, ”Help Me Ronda” and ”Good Vibrations”.

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Catherine Linda Martinez was the fourth wife of the popular band member and song writer. Her rise to fame is her short marriage to Mike.

In this article, we have put together all the known facts about Catherine, Mike Love’s ex-wife. There are also details on their four year long marriage. Keep reading to be informed!

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Catherine Linda Martinez according to Rolling Stone Magazine as a ”part time print model”. Details concerning her age, birthplace and other personal information is not available on the internet.

She seem to be a private person and kept most of her personal life away from the public, despite getting married to a famous personality like Mike.

How did Catherine Linda Martinez and Mike Love meet?

How did the former love birds meet? Mike Love, who is a co-founder and member of the Beach Boys band, met Catherine at one of the bands “infamous Lake Tahoe engagements”. After their first meeting, they stayed in contact till they started dating.

Mike and Catherine after dating for a while, finally got married in 1981. They had a wedding ceremony in Santa Barbara. The ceremony was officiated by a mail-order minister Wolfman Jack. None of the Wilson brothers (co-founders of Beach Boys band/cousins of Mike) was present at the occasion. Reason for their absence was never made known.

Catherine Linda Martinez : Facts About Mike Love's ex-wife
Catherine and Mike’ wedding day

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The former couples after their wedding, travelled to Acapulco for their honeymoon. The returned from their honeymoon after just a week to the Love Boat.

Catherine Linda Martinez and her ex-husband, Mike were married from 1981-1984. Their four years marriage produced a son called Michael Edward Love II. The reason for their divorce was never made public.

Catherine Linda Martinez previous relationships

Before the former couple got married, Catherine had been in a relationship with Larry Lamb. An article on claim they were in a relationship till 1979 with no children.

Mike on the other hand been married and divorced three times before he met Catherine. He was first married to Francine St. Martin for three years, from 1961-1964. They had two children, Melinda Love and Teresa Love.

After his first divorce, he went on to marry for the second time to Suzanne Belcher. They were married for two years, from 1965 to 1969. The couple had two children, Hayleigh Love and Christian Love.

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Catherine Linda Martinez’s ex-husband after the collapse of his third marriage got married again for the third time to Tamara Flitch in 1971. The marriage lasted for five years with no children.

It was after all these marriages of Mike have failed that he dated and married Catherine as his forth wife, in a marriage which lasted for only four years with two children.

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Mike Love is currently married to Jacqueline Piesen. They got married in 1994 and have been married for over 28 years now. The couple now live in Incline Village in Nevada, United States on the northern shore Lake Tahoe.

Facts about Catherine Linda Martinez ex-husband Mike Love

  • Mike Love’s full name is Michael Edward Love
  • He is a singer, song writer and co-founder of the Beach Boys band
  • Mike founded the Beach Boys band together with his cousins, Brain, Denis and Carl Wilson (The Wilson brothers)
  • He was born March 15, 1941 and is 81 years old in 2022.
  • He has been married five times in his whole lifetime.

Catherine Linda Martinez’s ex-husband songs

Mike in his entire career has written and released a lot of songs. Some of his songs are “Gettin’ Hungry” b/w “Devoted to You” (with Brian Wilson), “Almost Summer” b/w “Island Girl” (with Celebration) – #28 Billboard Hot 100, “It’s Ok” b/w “Lookin’ Good” (with Celebration) “Starbaby” b/w “Getting Hungry” (with Celebration), “Looking Back with Love” b/w “One Good Reason

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