Jennie Laxson Heath : Everything About Phil Heath's Ex-wife

Jennie Laxson Heath is the former wife of one of the most famous black-American bodybuilder Phil Heath. Jennie’s husband Phil Heath has a physique, which is considered as one of the best and well balanced bodybuilding physiques of all time.

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Although many know her as the wife of Phil, Jennie Laxson Heath has made her name being one of the best cosmetologists known to Americans. In the beauty industry where it is difficult to make a name and have a goodwill, Jennie has managed to climb to the top and has created good impression on others with her professionalism and her hard work. 

Jennie Laxson Heath Wikipedia

Despite earning her fame and name due to her marriage to a popular bodybuilder and her career path which requires great skill, Jennie has been able to keep her personal life private. Her marriage to Phil and her job might be out there, but her persona information and information on her early life can not be found anywhere. 

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From her pictures it could be said that Jennie has rare hazel eyes and dark brown hair. She is known to be a staunch Christian who lives a modest and good life.

Phillip Jerrod Heath a.k.a Phil Heath, her husband, was born in Seattle, Washington, on 18th December, 1979. He attended Rainier Beach High School in Seattle, and then attended the University of Denver on an athletic scholarship, majoring in business administration.

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Jennie Laxson Heath career as a cosmetologist

As stated earlier, Jennie Laxson Heath works as a cosmetologist for a living. In an industry which is dominated by a lot of males, Jennie is one of the women who has broken the glass ceiling and has earned herself a good name in the Beauty industry. Her work is loved an celebrated due to the fact that despite the hardships she has been through she managed to push through and succeed.

Her net worth is estimated to be around seven hundred thousand dollars ($700,000). Money which she earned from taking her job as a cosmetologist seriously. The average cosmetologist in America earns not less than a hundred and seventeen thousand dollars ($117,000) salary in America. 

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Phil, her ex-husband is known to be an American IFBB professional bodybuilder who at the age of 38, set a record of eight Mr. Olympia title wins from 2011 to 2017. Many believe that behind his success was Jennie who stood by his side through thick and thin

The marriage between Jennie Laxson Heath and Phil Heath

The one thing that made Jennie Laxson Heath known is her marriage. Although we have no idea who she dated pr was in a relationship with before her marriage to the famous body builder, we do know that after her marriage with him, she has not been spotted with another man. Maybe it is because she is being secretive or maybe, she just never got involved with another man. 

The marriage between Jennie Laxson Heath and Phil Heath

Jennie Laxson Heath became Mrs. Heath on 23rd June, 2007 after her nuptials with Phil Heath. It is not known exactly where the ceremony of their big day took place, but we do know that ceremony was graced with their loved ones and friends in Arvada, Colorado which made it a special day for them.

After about eight years of being husband and wife, the love between Jennie and Phil seem to max out and they got a divorce in 2015. The couple had no kids together.

Jennie Laxson Heath battle with cancer

While she was with her former husband, Jennie discovered that he had breast cancer, and one can only imagine how devastating that news was to her. She had to fight the cancer for a long time, years in fact before she finally overcame it. 

She went through numerous surgeries just to survive with the encouragement of her fans and loved ones who wished her well on various social media platforms throughout her journey.

After her fifth surgery in 2014, she finally overcame breast cancer. Fortunately for Jennie, she discovered the cancer early which prevented her from going to the later stages.

According research, anyone can can survive breast cancer incase of early detection and proper management.

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