Melelina Kapiolani was a beautiful woman whose claim to fame was her husband, Jeremy Jordan. This woman began very popular because of her marriage to the American actor. Unfortunately, her marriage was short-lived as she dies an untimely death wish shook the lives of many. 

Her husband Jeremy Jordan should not be confused with “Jeremy Jordan the American actor and singer, notable for being an actor and Broadway performer born in 1984.”

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Melelina Kapiolani Biography

After her death, all information regarding Melelina’s life was seem completely wiped off the internet. She has nothing about herself except for her spouse’s name and date of death. Even her picture is rare to come by. 

Melelina Kapiolani cause of death

Jeremy Jordan’s wife, Melelina died a heart-wrenching death on the 13th of June in 2002. It has not been confirmed yet, but it is rumored that the cause of her death was after childbirth. It has not been also stated whether she delivered the baby safe or the baby did not make. Since this is a very sensitive topic, it seems Jeremy does not want to talk about it or disclose any information about it.

Melelina Kapiolani and Jeremy Jordan marriage

As already known, Melelina was the wife of Donald Henson, aka Jeremy Jordan. The couple got married on June 10th 1999 and were married until the death of Melelina. The marriage lasted for only four years. No information has been given on whether they duo had kids or not but we do know that the topic is related to the death of Melelina. 

Melelina Kapiolani husband

Her husband Jeremy’s real name is Donald Henson. The name Jeremy Jordan is just his stage name and we have not been told what inspired the name. Jeremy is 48 years old and he was born on 19th September, 1973. His zodiac sign is Virgo. Jeremy is from Hammond, Indiana in the United States of America to parents whose name we do not know. 

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We do know however have information that his mother gave his father full custody of him and left. His father then remarried another woman whom he had for more children with. When she died of Leukemia, he placed all of the children in an orphanage called Mooseheart Child City. Upon getting to the orphanage however, he was separated from his siblings. He had different houseparents every year he was there and some were very violent and cruel. 

Melelina Kapiolani husband

Due to his love for the film industry and movies, he signed with a talent agency while he was still at the agency but that was forbidden and so when he was seventeen years old, before thanksgiving, he moved to his friend’s parents house in Chicago. There was however a fight which made them kick him out later making him end up a homeless boy. It was on the streets that he found his manager Peter Schivarelli and signed a record deal with his company. 


Melelina Kapiolani’s husband Donald Henson popularly known as Jeremy Jordan was a singer and an actor.  He is particularly famous for the songs ‘Try My Love’ and  ‘Never Been Kissed.’

In 1993, he released for the first time his music titled ‘Try My Love’ on ‘Giant Records.’  The album made a huge hit and yielded the international hit singles as #5 Billboard Hot 100 Airplay, #14 Billboard Hot 100 Singles, #4 Billboard Top 40 Mainstream, #22 Billboard Rhythmic Top 40. It was produced and written by Lotti Golden, Tommy Faragher & Robbie Nevil,

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 Melelina Kapiolani’s husband “Wannagirl” which was #11 Billboard Top 40 Mainstream, #24 Billboard Rhythmic Top 40, #28 Billboard Hot 100 and “The Right Kind of Love” which just made the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100.His debut album was a huge success. 

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