Maria Beatriz Antony : Facts About Brazilian Ronaldo's Ex-wife

Maria Beatriz Antony is a lovely woman who was married to popular Brazilian football player Ronaldo, Ronaldo Nazario. Maria Beatriz Antony’s ex-husband, Ronaldo is a legendary Brazilian footballer who won a lot of personal and national accolades.

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She was his third wife but they divorced after a few years. After their divorce, Maria Beatriz did not completely go off the radar, she became more conservative and more secretive about her life. Sharing less and less about her life.  

Maria Beatriz Antony Wikipedia

Although we do not know much about her career choice and occupation, we do know however that Maria Beatriz is a known activist. Per her Instagram account posts, Maria campaigns a lot about greenery and conservation of natural habitats. She also has a Linktree, where she has included links to various campaigns like Support the Imagine 2030 Festival, Feminist Mistress Guide, and various others. She uses her social media platform to explain the importance of indigenous tribes, conservation, greenery, and many more.

Maria is doing great for herself.

Maria Beatriz Antony and Ronaldo marriage

There is no information on how the two former love birds met, just in case you may be wondering. Maria has been married once to Ronaldo and is currently in her second marriage which seems to be going strong.

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Maria Beatriz started dating Ronaldo after his separation with Danielle Cicarelli in 2007 and said yes to his marriage proposal a year later. Not long after their engagement, Ronaldo got entangled is a huge scandal which was dubbed “The Travesti Prostitute Scandal”. This created a whole mess and caused the engagement to be halted.

Maria Beatriz Antony : Facts About Brazilian Ronaldo's Ex-wife

The scandal involved three travesti prostitutes whom Ronaldo met at a nightclub in Rio de Janeiro.

A few may be wondering what or who a travesti is. Well, per Wikipedia, “the term travesti is used in Latin America—to designate people who were assigned male at birth, but develop a gender identity according to different expressions of femininity.”

According to Ronaldo, when he found out that the three were actually legally male, he offered them an amount of six hundred dollars ($600) to leave. One of the three men tried to blackmail Ronaldo whiles the other two admitted that their claims were in fact false. One of the three attempted to blackmail Ronaldo, while the other two admitted the allegations were false.

Shortly after the case was settled, the engagement between Maria Beatriz Antony and Ronaldo resumed and they tied the knot. Maria then gave birth to her first daughter with Ronaldo and named her Maria Sophia Nazário de Lima. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, on 24 December 2008. 

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In April 2009, she and her family moved to a new penthouse in São Paulo. A year after, on 6 April 2010, she gave birth to her second daughter with Ronaldo, born in São Paulo, she was named Maria Alice Nazário de Lima. Although she had just two biological children with Ronaldo, she was a stepmother to one boy Ronald and coincidentally, Maria Alice was born exactly 10 years after her older brother who is Ronaldo’s son from his previous marriage Ronald.

Also in December, Ronaldo took a paternity test which confirmed that he was indeed the father of a boy named Alexander who was born in April 2005 by a Brazilian waitress. Alexander is proof of the short howbeit existing relationship between Ronaldo and Michele Umezu, the Brazilian waitress who Ronaldo first met in Tokyo in 2002. 

After seven years of marriage, in December 2012, Maria Beatriz Antony and Ronaldo divorced and it is believed that she received a colossal amount of money as spousal support. After their divorce, the duo shared custody of the two girls. 

Life after Maria Beatriz Antony divorced Ronaldo

Moving on with her life, Maria Beatriz Antony tied the knot again. She got married to a famous businessman Marcelo Clampolini. The duo said their vows in August 2014 in front of their loved ones and relatives. It seems their marriage is still going strong as Maria mostly posts cute pictures of them on her social media accounts. She seems to be very happy in her marriage.

Maria Beatriz Antony has two children with Marcelo. A daughter and a son. The first girl is Maria Julie Clampolini. She was born in April 2016 and the second child; the son is called John Clampolini.

Due to the fact that Maria prefers to keep her life private, she rarely talks or post about her family and personal life her children especially. Due to that, there are no detailed information on her marriage with Marcelo

Ronaldo on the other hand started dating Celine Locks and is also happy.

As stated earlier, Brazilian Ronaldo, Maria Beatriz Antony’s ex-husband has been married three times in his life. He got married to his first wife, Milene Domingues, in April 1999. Their marriage lasted for four years, and they have a son, Ronald Domingues Nazário de Lima, who was born in 2000.

After the divorce from Milene in 2005, Ronaldo got engaged to MTV VJ and Brazilian model Daniela Cicarelli. However, three months after their lavish engagement party, the former couple separated.

After two unsuccessful love life, Ronaldo gave another chance for the relationship. 

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