Rom Gemar : Facts About Joan Severance's husband

Rom Gemar is popular for being the husband of Joan Severance. Not only is he popular for that but he is also a known actor who has dabbled in cinematography and is in the camera department. He is currently her husband and they have been together for quite a while.

Rom Gemar is known for acting in the movies Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont (2005), Jolene (2008) and Steal Me (2005)

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In Steal Me, Joan Severance husband, Rom Gemar was in the art department and in the movie dreams lashes which aired in 2007 he was in the cinematography department.

Although he is married to an actress and fashion model, Rom decided to keep his life private and has little information on himself or his private life on the internet. It is hard to find information on his birthday, age or anything on his background. Therefore, we would find out more about him to his wife Joan.

Rom Gemar and Joanne Severance

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Unsurprisingly, there is not much on Rom’s relationships. What is surprising is there is not much on his marriage with Joan Severance too. Not even on her Wikipedia page. It is like it never happened, which is fishy, very fishy. During her time in Paris, Joan met her former husband, model Eric Milan. Joan got wedded to Eric in 1977 but the divorced on good terms some years later in 1984. Per reports, Joan said the grew apart. 

Information from sources state that Rom Gemar and Joan are still married though.

Rom Gemar Wife

John severance is an American actress and a former fashion model. She was quite popular being a model and she is still popular being an actress making a good name for herself. Joan was born on 23rd December in 1958. She was born in Houston, Texas in the United States of America. She is mostly seen on covers of magazines such as Playboy.  Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Rom Gemar’s wifeJoan is the daughter of Martha and John C. Severance. Mark, her father, was an IBM systems manager and due to the nature of his work he had to move around the globe a lot. “By the time I was 11 we’d lived in 12 different places,” Joan said to the media. Her family once lived in Libya a country in Africa for some time but then due to a six-day war in 1967 they had to escape the country to save their lives.

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They left to the United States, specifically to Houston and settled there. Growing up, she attended Westbury High School, and by the time she was 15 years old, she had already started her modelling career with the sole purpose of funding her college education. Like some celebrities, she has dreams, dreams that did not include the runway. She wanted to be a veterinarian. I guess she loved animals. Unfortunately, Joan could not afford the cost of tuition so she had to settle for something else. 

During her “miss Houston” pageant, a local photographer named Alan Martin discovered her and seeing her potential, introduced her to John Casablancas. John signed her up with the Elite modeling agency and sent her on assignment to Paris. 

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Rom Gemar’s wife made it big in Paris, France posing for famous magazines like Vogue Paris, Sportwear International and many others. After her assignment, she returned to the United States and due to her fame and experience became one famous top models in the USA. She filmed over 40 commercials also modelling for Versace, Chanel, and Armani and earning about $7,500 per day. 

After putting a pause to her modelling career, she went into acting, also excelling in the field. She stated auditioning for roles in 1986 after a close friend of hers, Robin Leach, encouraged her to. In 987, she made her debut in the first Lethal Weapon film.

She made an appeared in the Scorpions’ video for their 1988 song, “Rhythm of Love.”

In 2006, Severance was in My Network TV telenovela Wicked Wicked Games. She was also in shows such as CSI: Miami and One Tree Hill. In 2013, she was in American Horror Story: Asylum. In 2014, she was on Celebrity Wife Swap with Robin Leach.

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