Madeleine Madigan : Facts About Gardner McKay's Wife

Madeleine Madigan was the second wife of American actor Gardiner Mckay. Due to her marriage to Gardner, she became renowned and has her name and stories about her in several books online, most relating to her husband and his life on earth.


Even with all her fame, she does not have information about her life growing up, birthdays or private information of that sort of herself available to the media. Her deceased husband on the other hand, due to his popularity has information about himself available to the media. 

Madeleine Madigan and Gardner McKay marriage

Who did Gardner McKay Marry?

Madeleine Madigan and Gardner McKay got married in 1983. They met after he hiked in the Amazon, rode camels in Egypt, and crewed on Caribbean yachts. He couple were blessed with two wonderful children in their marriage named: Tristan, the son and the daughter Liza

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After Madeleine Madigan and Gardner got married, they moved to Hawaii where they lived and Gardner spent the last 25 years of his life eventually finding work as an agronomist’s assistant in the rain forest. The couple were married till the death of Gardner. 

He died from prostate cancer on November 21st, 2001 at the age of 69 in Honolulu, Hawaii however, he was buried in Kentucky.

Gardner bought a wooded property in Beverly Hills and kept a menagerie of animals including lions, cheetahs, dogs, and a monkey which he brought back from his sojourn to South America.

There is no information which talks about Madeleine Madigan marrying again after the death of Gardner McKay.

Madeleine Madigan career

Information from Gardner’s biography shows that Madeleine was a painter. Unfortunately, the information does not give details about her journey and how she made it.

From Sculpture to modelling to acting, Gardner is famous for portraying the lead role in the TV series Adventures in Paradise, which was based on the writings of James Michener. He played the character of Adam Troy, a Korean War veteran who bought the two-masted 82-foot (25 m) schooner Tiki III, and sailed the South Pacific. The show aired for three seasons on ABC from 1959 to 1962, and had 91 episodes.

Madeleine Madigan and Gardner McKay marriage

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He quit acting and became a writer in 1970. He was the drama critic for the L.A. Herald Examiner 1979-1981.

Before her death, he rejected the offer made to co-star with Marilyn Monroe in the unfinished film Something’s Got to Give (1962).

In 1983, Jimmy Buffett mention Gardner in his song “We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About”.

Madeleine Madigan’s husband

George Cadogan Gardner McKay is his actual birth name and he was born on 10th June, 1932. Gardner was an American actor, artist, and author. He was birthed in New York City, New York, in the United States of America to an ad executive Hugh Deane McKay (born in 1894) and a socialite Catherine “Kitty” Gardner McKay, also born in 1904. He was the great-grandson of the shipbuilder Donald McKay.

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Due to the nature of his father’s business, the family moved to Paris, and Gardner attended private schools.  They returned to the United States shortly before the outbreak of World War II however. Due to this, Gardner grew up in both Paris and New York City. He had an elder brother named Hugh and both of them, for a while lived with their grandparents in Lexington, Kentucky. When he got there, he fell in love with the place and called in paradise.

Madeleine Madigan’s husband attended Cornell University in Ithaca, New York for two years but dropped out at 19 after the death of his father. Gardner majored in art and wrote for The Cornell Daily Sun and the campus magazine while at Cornell. After dropping out of school, he moved to Greenwich Village where he worked as a sculptor and writer. Gardner also took up photography and saw some of his work published in The New York Times and Life magazine. He worked in advertising for 6 months but then realized it was not his calling and could not stand it.

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Gardner’s sculpture was displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He managed to draw the attention of photographer Richard Avedon and earned himself an invite from Avedon to Paris to shoot a series of photographs with model Suzy Parker, which led to a modeling career. Town and Country magazine did a piece on Gardner and his sculptures in its Man About Town section, which also led to an offer from an agent.

Gardner McKay, Madeleine Madigan’s husband received three National Endowment for the Arts fellowships for playwriting, the Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Play, and Sidney Carrington Prize. He was also a winner in Canadian Regional Drama Festival, and runner-up in the Hemingway Short Story Contest.

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