Barbara Havelone : Facts About Lee Van Cleef's 3rd Wife

Barbara Havelone was an actress known for her roles in movies like The Brute, the Colt and Karate. Her career as an actress did not give her much popularity like her marriage to Lee Van Cleef. She rose to fame by becoming the third wife of the actor, who had already divorced twice.

Barbara Havelone’s husband, Lee Van Cleef was an American actor best known for his roles in For A Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and Ugly. His role in the Few Dollars More was a major hit, and this brought him back in his acting career which nearly declined due to a car crush.

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Lee Van Cleef married three times in his life, and Barbara was his third and last wife before he died. In this article, we have put together all you need to know about Barbara Havelone and her marriage with Van Cleef.

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Barbara Havelone Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Information regarding age, birthplace and nationality of Lee Van Cleef’s third wife, Barbara Havelone is unknown since she has not disclose such information anywhere.

Though she rose to fame by being married to a very popular Western movies star, she tried her very best to kept her personal life away from the public. It looks like she is someone who shuns public attention.

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Most of the information about Barbara on the internet is about her marriage to Lee Van Cleef, therefore let us get into the love story of the two.

Barbara Havelone and Lee Van Cleef marriage.

Barbara Havelone and Lee Van Cleef got married on July 13, 1976. The wedding ceremony was a very small one. It took place in the presence of family and friends of the couple.

They were together for over 13 years, from 1976 to 1989 when Lee Van Cleef died. Lee died December 16, 1989 from heart attack. From his Wikipedia page, they listed throat cancer as one of the major causes of his death (secondary).

Barbara and Lee did not have any children together from their 13 years of marriage. Lee had three children from his first marriage, Alan, David and Deborah. There is no information on whether Barbara had any children before her marriage to Lee.

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From above , it was sighted that Barbara was the third wife of Lee Van Cleef. Lee married his first two marriages collapsed.

Lee Van Cleef first married Patsy Ruth Kahle in 1943 and divorced due to unknown reasons in 1958. The couple had three children together. After Patsy, Lee went ahead to marry for a second time to Joan Majorie Drane in 1960. This second marriage also ended in a divorce in 1974. This second marriage did not produce any children.

It was after the failure of Lee’s first two marriage that he got married to his third wife, Barbara Havelone.

Barbara Havelone husband

Lee Van Cleef was the husband of Barbara Havelone. Lee was born January 9, 1925 and he died December 16, 1989 at age 64. As someone with an angular feature, he was normally a villain and found his fortune as the hero of ”spaghetti westerns” in movies such as ”For Few More Dollars” and ”The Good, Bad and Ugly”.

Before Barbara Havelone’s husband started his acting career, he was enlisted into the United States Navy, where he was assigned to a submarine chaser. From the chaser, he was moved to minesweeper called the USS Incredible where he worked as a sonarman.

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His career as an actor started when he left the navy in 1946. He stared in many blockbuster movies and won many awards in his long career.

Some of his credited movies are I Cover The Underworld, The Badge of Marshal Brennan, Gun Battle at Monterey, Raiders of Old California, Day of The Bad Man, The Vanishing American, Tribute to A Bad Man, The Road to Denver, etc.

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