Christiana Boney : Facts About Steven Bauer's Ex-wife

The name Christiana Boney is out there in the open and well recognized because it’s bearer is a woman who got the attention of the public and media when she managed to snag Steven Bauer, a famous actor and then divorce him a few years after.

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Christiana Boney is a native of America and is a very private person. Currently one of the divorced wives of Steven Bauer. She was Steven’s third wife but she does not like to talk about or share with the media and public her opinions about her former husband and their marriage just as steven also does not talk about his previous marriages much. She has tried and succeeded in keeping her personal life away from the limelight after she became Steven Bauer’s ex-wife.

Christiana Boney Bio and Wikipedia

Christiana’s exact age is not known and that is because her date of birth has not been put out there, to the world. Her personal life and background is not exactly common information.

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Howbeit, Steven is currently 66 years old. He was born on December 2nd, 1956. He commenced his career in the entertainment industry somewhere around 1977 as an actor, that is more than four decades ago, and from what we can tell, he is not quitting or leaving anytime soon. He is a very hardworking and successful actor, taking his roles very seriously. He is recognized for his unique roles in the movies and series that he does playing famous villainous characters in those movies and series.

Christiana Boney and Steven Bauer marriage

Christiana Boney was married to Steven a very long while ago. The duo got hitched in the year 1992. In their marriage of about nine years, Christiana and steven did not have children together and there is no information as to whether she had any children of her own. Nevertheless, while she was married to Steven, she was the stepmother of Steven’s two children named Alexander Griffith Bauer and Dylan Bauer. After the marriage ended though, the relationship between her and the kids also broke.

Alexander is 35 years old and makes it a point to stay away from the media and Dylan is a professional witch who also happens to have his own show.

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Christiana Boney and Steven did not have a happily ever after. Their divorce was finalized in 2002.

Due to the fact that she decided to stay away from the media post-divorce, there is currently no exact information about her love life after getting separated from Steven.


Steven has been married four times and has had two relationships. A very long list of marriages and relationships it must not have been easy.

His first marriage was to a woman named Melanie Griffith. The got wedded on September 8th, 1981 and were blessed with a child, a son named Alexander Griffith Bauer. The duo was married for around nine years and then they got separated in 1989. It was reported that they got divorced due to a huge misunderstanding.

After finalizing the divorce with Melanie, Steven tried the marriage thing again with again with a woman named Ingrid Anderson. The pair were also blessed with a son named Dylan Bauer. They got divorced in 1991 due to the fact that differences that had grown between them.

He then married Christiana Boney after that and we al know how that went. 

After Christiana Boney, he got married to Paulette Miltimore. The pair tied the knot on December 28, 2003, and parted ways on September 18, 2012.

And then Steven started dated Lyda Loudon, who was way younger than him. They started dating in 2014 but due to the age gap, they were criticized a lot. They had an age gap of 39 years. She could have been his daughter. Steven even announced that they had something special between them but their relationship lasted a very short time due to this age gap.

Currently, Steven is now in a serious relationship. He asked his current girlfriend, Jennifer Brenon, to marry him on Christmas of 2020 and Jennifer joyously agreed to. They seem happy together at the moment.

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