Cruz Grant Rivera : Facts About Geraldo Rivera's Son

Cruz Grant Rivera is the son of Geraldo Rivera, former American Journalist, author, attorney and television personality. Cruz does not necessarily owe his claim to fame to his father’s popularity but, his claim to fame is not exactly a very good one either. The incident that put him out there was quite a scandalous one.

Cruz Grant Rivera Age, Parents, Siblings, Wikipedia

Although the exact date of birth of Cruz Grant is not certain, it is known that Cruz was born in the year 1987. Cruz Grant is currently 35 years old and as stated earlier, was born to Geraldo Rivera, however, the identity of his mother has not been made known to the public.

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Cruz Grant Rivera is an American citizen who was born and raised in New York city, in the United States of America. Cruz grant is 1.72 m tall, that is 5 feet 8 inches. He has 4 other siblings; 1 brother and 3 sisters Simone Cruickshank Rivera, Solita Liliana Rivera, Gabriel Miguel Rivera and Isabella Holmes Rivera.

Facts About Cruz Grant Rivera Legal Charges

Like I said earlier, Cruz Grant was involved in a major scandal revolved around his recently ended relationship with Meghan Burke in 2018, which made him quite popular and at the center of attention in the media because the masses were genuinely worried and concerned about the situation that ensued.

As per the police, Cruz Grant Rivera was arrested and detained on Tuesday, May 1st 2018, for allegedly choking his ex-girlfriend, Meghan, biting her leg and hand as she tried to leave his Manhattan apartment. Apparently, the incident occurred when Meghan went to his 175th Street apartment in Washington Heights, Manhattan around 5 pm on a Tuesday to get some clothes that she had left behind pre breakup. Cruz got arrested after his roommate dialed 911 after the incident.

He was accused of minor attack and criminal block of breath. The story states that when Meghan arrived in the apartment, Cruz allegedly jumped on her, threw her on the bed and pinned her there in a chokehold from behind her. Meghan nearly passed out due to the fact that she was in a chokehold. It is said that Meghan tried her best to escape from the uncomfortable situation but Cruz on the hand and then proceeded to chomp on her leg when she made another attempt to flee.

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After the police received the call from Cruz Grant Rivera’s roommate, they rushed to the apartment but were a little too late seeing as the apartment did not hold Cruz and Meghan. Howbeit, upon returning home on Staten Island, Meghan called the police to report the issue which got him arrested and arraigned before court. In court, he was charged with criminal obstruction of breathing, which is a Misdemeanor assault and was also charged with domestic violence charges because of biting Meghan.

He did admit to Judge Phyllis Chu that he tried to harm Meghan by biting her and pushing her to the floor. A restraining order was set in Meghan’s favor after he pleaded and was to face six months in jail if he did anything contrary to his agreement. A month before the alleged assault, on social media, Cruz Grant Rivera shared a public help declaration video from the British Mankind Initiative on his Facebook page, cautioning that “guys execute 40% of abusive behaviour at home.”

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Attorney Arthur L. Aidala, also a former Fox News contributor and friend of Geraldo Rivera, spoke on behalf on Cruz to The New York Daily News saying, “Everyone takes domestic violence cases very seriously as does the entire Rivera family.” She continued to say that, “Obviously Geraldo is very disappointed and disturbed by these allegations. The actions Cruz is accused of committing are not consistent with the young man the Rivera family loves and supports.”

Due to this incident, it seems Cruz Grant Rivera is uninterested in social media since he has no social media profiles. He’s been in a lot of discussions and controversies and so he prefers to stay away from the press.
Cruz is also a father of three kids. He hasn’t revealed to the public their names or their mother however, there are pictures of him and his father with one of his children.

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