Vici Castro : Everything About Deborah Shelton's Ex-husband

Vici Castro is the ex-husband of Deborah Shelton. Vici Castro’s ex-wife Deborah Shelton is an American actress, beauty queen and songwriter. She was Miss USA in 197o and made appearance in three seasons of Dallas, an American prime time television soap opera. She revealed that, she competed in the Miss USA to spite her then boyfriend.

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Vici Castro is the one of the two man Deborah Shelton has officially ever been married to. It is their marriage that Vici made a man who loves living low profile, famous.

In this article, we have put together all the known personal information about Vici. We also have all you need to know about his marriage to the former beauty queen and actress. Keep reading to the end!!

Vici Castro Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Deborah Shelton’s ex-husband, Vici Castro has not revealed any information on his birthday or birthplace. He is known to be a Cuban by nationality. According to Deborah’s Wikipedia, Vici is a Cuban exile.

Vici has been able to hide most of his personal data from the public domain.

How did Vici Castro and Deborah Shelton meet?

Most love stories start under very beautiful circumstances. Some lovers meet in the walkways, after shows, through mutual friends. etc. Unfortunately, we have no information on how this two former lovers met.

Vici and Deborah were married for only few years. They got married in 1971, exactly a month after Deborah passed on the Miss USA title to the next successor.

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They were together for five years until they finally divorced in 1976. Once a beautiful love story, ended with the reason not known till now.

The former couple had a son together in their short marriage. His name was Christopher Castro. There is no information available on who took custody of the child after their divorce.

In 1977, just a year after the couple went their separate ways, Deborah married for the second time to a Jewish Israeli music producer called Shuki Levy. The two collaborated on a lot of songs, since they were all in the music industry. One of their songs together, was featured on the Julio Iglesias album. The marriage ended in a divorce, with reason not known till now. It was Deborah who called for the divorce.

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The couple, Deborah and Shuki had a daughter together named Tamara.

Vici Castro on the other hand, has gone away from the eyes of the media. Nothing has been heard from him since his divorce from Deborah. There is no information of his whereabout.

Vici Castro Ex-wife

Deborah Shelton is the ex-wife of Vici Castro. She was born November 21, 1948 in Washington District of Columbia in the United States. The American actress and songwriter is known to have competed in the Miss Virginia USA beauty pageant in 1970 to spited her boyfriend then.

She won the competition and moved on to represent to the national level to represent Virginia in Miss USA 1970. Deborah won the competition which was held in Miami, Florida. She won the award for Miss Pixable alongside the overall award. As a reward for winning Miss USA, she was given $5000 cash prize, $5000 mink coat and also earned $5000 for personal appearances.

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She also had the opportunity as the reigning Miss USA to tour all around the United States and other countries like Puerto Rico, Spain, Japan, Portugal and Brazil.

After Vici Castro’s ex-wife, Deborah Shelton won the Miss USA in 1970, she went to represent the United States of America in the Miss Universe pageant. She was crowned the first runner-up to another beauty queen from Puerto Rico named Marisol Malaret. She later described her Miss Universe experience as one of the best experiences in his life.

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