Laura Rae Araujo : Neville Brand's Ex-wife

Laura Rae Araujo was the second of Neville Brand, who married three times in his lifetime and was divorced twice. Laura’s late ex-husband, Neville Brand was a World War 2 Hollywood veteran and an American actor. His career was active for over 36 years, from 1949 till his death in 1985.

Laura rose to prominent fame due to her marriage relationship with the incredible actor, who had numerous credits ; 64 for movies, 33 on television shows and few Broadway stages. She was living a low profile life till the marriage.

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In this article, we have all the facts you need to know about the marriage between Neville and his Laura Rae Araujo and their marriage. Keep reading!!

Laura Rae Araujo and Neville Brand marriage

Laura Rae Araujo was the second wife of Neville Brand. Neville married her after his first wife to Jean Enfield failed in 1955. Neville and Jean were married for seven years from 1948 to 1955. They had a daughter together, named Mary Brand.

The circumstance under which Laura and Neville met is unknown, but we know they got married on April 6, 1957 and remained together until their divorce in 1969. The marriage took place three years after Neville had his first major lead role in a romantic movie titled Return From The Sea in 1954. They were together for 12 years and eventually went their separate ways.

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Laura Rae Araujo and Neville Brand had two daughters in their marriage. The daughters are Michelle Brand and Katrina Brand. The children from this marriage makes Neville have three children all together, considering his other child from his marriage to his first wife.

After the divorce, Neville went ahead to get married for the third time. He married a woman named Mae Brand, who he divorced in 1992. They had no children together. Laura o the other hand, went out of the public eyes after the divorce.

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Neville Brand seem to have a lot of confusions surrounding his marriages.

Laura Rae Araujo ex-husband

Neville Brand, whose full name was Lawrence Neville Brand was born August 13, 1920 in Griswold, Iowa. He died April 16, 1992 at age 71 in Sacramento, California. He was the son of an electrician called Leo Brand and a woman named Helen Louise Davis. His parents were all natives of Griswold.

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His family later moved to Kewanee, Illinois where Laura Rae Araujo’s ex husband attended Kewanee High School in 1939. When he was 13 years old, his parents divorced and he worked as soda jerk, waiter and a shoemaker to help raise his six siblings.

Later in Neville’s life, he moved to Greenwich Village in New York, where he attended American Theatre Wing to learn acting in 1945. Two years after graduating from the school, he moved on to continue his acting education at Gellar Drama School in Hollywood. That was the same period he married his first wife, Jean Enfield.

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Laura Rae Araujo’s ex-husband, Neville Brand made his acting debut in a movie called Battleground in 1949. He was not credited for the movie though. He eventually landed his first movie role in 1954 and from there, he had the opportunity to feature in many blockbusters and television shows.

Some of his selected filmography includes Port of New York, A Man From Alamo, The Charge at The Feather River, Man Crazy, The Lone Gun, Five Gates To Hell, Red Mountain, The Three Outlaws, The Deadly Trackers, The George Raft Story, Evils of The Night, etc.

Many of the people who worked with Neville were always pleased because of his friendly and welcoming behavior.

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